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We Are Golfing Again

OK, enough of reading books and board games. Obama is back on the links.

The weather has forced President Obama to pad around the house in his socks at his Martha’s Vineyard retreat and pretend he likes being a homebody. But, with a heroic effort that should make him the idol of weekend warriors everywhere, the president has managed to somehow squeeze in four rounds of golf during his vacation, which began last Thursday afternoon. Two more days to go, and my bet is there is more golfing to do.

From the pool report.

At 1:45pm, pool escorted over to Farm Neck’s first fairway to watch POTUS group finish up the hole. (The course is 18 holes and in Oak Bluffs.) POTUS playing with Marvin Nicholson, WH trip director; Eric Whitaker, POTUS pal; and Cyrus Walker, also described as a friend of POTUS.

As pool stood about 175 yards from green, Nicholson drained a put and got a fist-bump from POTUS, who is in khaki pants and a blue polo shirt. That was the only real action. Pool holding near clubhouse.

11 Responses to We Are Golfing Again

  1. Congratulations Keith on your Drudge link but it’s been hard to get on so go away Drudgies. I loved the lobster story and am making a video on it somehing like move over limousine liberals it’s now lobster liberals ..OK, .it’s still a work in progress.

  2. If I read another story about “The President playing golf” … I am going to vomit.

    “Golf is a rich man’s game” my Dad once told me. I completely agree.

    Stop playing golf, Mr. President. Go camping / hunting / shooting / hiking in the upper Rockies, Montana or West Texas. Stop playing the game Repubican and Democratic elitists play.

    Have cajones.

    Go West. Camp. Hunt. Fish. Skin a deer. Stalk some elk.

  3. I’m enjoying your writing…but spellcheck is no substitute for editing. “But, with a heroic effort that should make him the idle of weekend warriors everywhere…” Really? So is he idle? Or an idol? Or perhaps an idle idol?

    Your writing style is easy to read and sharp. But you’re getting hits from Drudge….triple check your spelling and grammar.

    • Kimberly, thanks for pointing out – it’s not easy being your own editor. And you are indeed write about everything you rote.

      Cheers, Keith

  4. I never notice any flaws in your clean, crisp writing style. As for being your own editor, tell me about it. Buddy is my editor and his contribution is that’s good.