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Shirley Sherrod Declines Agriculture Job

Well, as I predicted, Shirley Sherrod ain’t going back to the Department of Agriculture. Instead, she wants to take some time off. Big mistake. About the time off, that is.

You remember Shirley, right? She’s the one who was fired as an Ag official after an edited version of some remarks she made appeared to show her as a rank racist. When the full remarks demonstrated she was in fact a thoughtful angel on racial matters, the administration immediately reversed itself and offered to make her White House Chief of Staff. Well, not exactly, but the courting has been pretty aggressive.

What’s never been revealed – or tracked down by the media – is whether anyone in the White House made the call to Agriculture – as suggested by the official who ordered her fired – and demanded that Sherrod be ousted.

But now, for Shirley Sherrod, opportunity knocks, and deservedly so. Some puny post in the Ag department will no longer suffice.

Instead, while she wants “some type of relationship with the department in the future,” she notes “we do need to work on the issues of discrimination and racism and in this country, and I certainly would like to play my role in trying to to help deal with them.”

Well, we do, though less so than in the past in a country that just elected a black president.

Shirley’s problem is that she needs not to rest but to immediately get herself on the Oprah circuit and make a splash that gets us so wet we can’t forget or ignore her.

She needs a literary agent for the book someone will ghostwrite for her, a media placement manager, a physical trainer, and regular salon appointments.

Instead, she wants to think about things. Think about things? How can you be a leader in the national dialogue if you want to sit around thinking about things?

Here she is yesterday with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who apparently offered to resign over the incident, after a 90 minute meeting in which he desperately tried and failed to get her back into the department. There she would have remained nice and quiet, allowing an administration PR-mess cleaning crew to sweep the whole matter under the rug.

8 thoughts on “Shirley Sherrod Declines Agriculture Job”

  1. Can you give us a few facts about the Pigford case, please? I read somewhere that all a person had to do to qualify for the $ was be black and have farmed — or intended to farm — sometime in the past. Is that true? Is it true that 8,000 some black farmers were in the state, but many, many, many more filed claims and got $? It reminds me of whenever on of the Philadelphia busses that held 68 people had an accident, hundreds would claim to have been on the bus. Is my perception about Pigford correct in your opinion? Thanks.

    1. Annona,
      I don’t know too much about Pigford, but it is interesting that someone who benefited from the case, Shirley Sherrod, was appointed to the agency – Agriculture – that was sued. It’s a worthwhile question about whether her firing or hiring had anything to do with it. I’ve also read that the number of people who have gotten money out of the case exceeds the number who could have been affected, but it’s hard for me to judge the accuracy of this. But, you know, once there’s a roving pot of money, it wouldn’t be surprising if lot’s of people attach themselves to it.

  2. She and hubs also personally got money from that unfortunately named Pigford thing and were activists for decades. My question is–how did she get the job she had in the first place? And Breitbart did have her “come to Jesus” moment on the tape he posted–I don’t think that cash cow will pay for her, though maybe it can be on her farm. Farm? Does she farm? But hey, time to glom onto the 15 mins…but you’re right, she better not tarry.

  3. According to one report I heard, there are 5 times as many claimants as black farmers in the 1981 and up period…Juan Wms (whom I like, but who can pretzel sometimes explaining things) said it was prob heirs (each farmer with a ton of kids) since this had gone on so long and they were in the cities because they weren’t themselves farmers…then he sort of trailed off. Basically, it’s a pie and people have forks. Mmmm, pie…I am easily distracted.

  4. Poor misunderstood, victimized Shirley.
    As it would happen, I was watching FOX that fateful day and no one ever mentioned her or the NAACP until a short segment on O’Reilly’s show.
    After she and the WH made FOXnews the bad guy (racists) the whole spin was in place and it was only weeks later that the MSM corrected their charges that FOX was at fault. Truthfully, I never watched FOX until the WH started the weird rant against it. Wanting to see for myself how awful they were I started watching and lo, I liked what I saw.
    Mrs Sherrod has lost the moment. Her 15 minutes are over.
    She should have taken the job offer.

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