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Obamas Depleting U.S. Lobster Supply

So how much lobster are you having during these precarious economic times? What? You’ve had to cut back? No longer ordering it stuffed with crab meat, at least?

Well, if you happen to be the President of the United States or the First Lady, your lobster consumption is continuing at a robust pace.

Yes, the economy is still getting battered. And Tuesday night,  so was President Obama’s lobster.

Well now, let's get down to business.

According to ABC’s Jake Tapper, the president  savored some lobster tempura at the trendy State Road Restaurant in West Tisbury on Martha’s Vineyard. Oh, just the thought of it. If he brings some back to the White House for me, I’ll write whatever he wants.

Monday night at The Sweet Life Cafe in Oak Bluffs on the Vineyard it was the lobster pasta appetizer for the president and a surf and turf entrée – the “surf” being a lobster tail – for Mrs. Obama.

And what would the vacation to Maine in July have been without a taste of everyone’s favorite crustacean. The president did it in a little less genteel fashion that time, heading over to something called Stewman’s Downtown restaurant where he was served the “Lobster Experience” dinner – just regular lobster, corn and slaw.

The sign reads, "Michelle Obama, 2010 Worldwide Lobster-eating Record." Yes, yes, this is photoshopped.

But the Obamas’ lobster experience is not confined to these shores. Michelle Obama was barely off the plane during her voyage early this month to the Spanish Riviera when, according to the Spanish press, she dived into a feast of sea bass tartare, strawberry gazpacho and sardines, and a main course of lobster with seaweed risotto.

Michelle enjoyed the repast so much that she was right back at it on  August 14 during the Obamas’ two-day Panama City, Fla photo-op vacation. There, at the Firefly restaurant, it was more lobster for Michelle.

The Obamas were supposed to be showing support for the good people of the oil spill-stricken Gulf, eating their seafood and so forth. So the big question is, was it a Caribbean lobster or one shipped down from Maine?

And who knows what lobster delicacies the White House chef is whipping up for them in between vacations?

No wonder the Russians just started fueling the Iranian nuclear reactor at Bushehr. When President Medvedev was here, Obama took him for burgers.

245 thoughts on “Obamas Depleting U.S. Lobster Supply”

  1. Well Ben & Jerry’s is Capitolising on the New Obama Lifestyle,
    they just developed a new Ice Cream for a President & First Lady on The Run,
    it’s called “LobsterChrisCrabCream”

    It Features Lobster, Cristal Brut 1990 “Methuselah” Champagne, Crab from Georgia Banks and the Cream from Goats high in the Afghan Mountains.

    The perfect meal in a Bucket for that Fleeing First Couple trying to catch that Air Force One Connecting Flight from Marine One.

  2. i am sure all of you “Tea Partiers” and “Libertarians” were out there critiquing King George II’s trust-fund elitist Kennebunkport dietary habits… just like you were out there against 2 corrupt wars, the PATRIOT act, and the bank bailouts… or perhaps you are just douchey hypocrites?… lobster is cheap as hell these days… y’all’re PATHETIC

  3. Hey Mr. Prez baby, 72 people were murdered on the border this week, not to mention the numerous kidnappings. Can you give us a little help on the border? Oh, and when you and Antionette are done with your lobster, a few jobs before you and your idiot economic team tax us to death would be nice, too. I mean, you know, if you have time between vacations…..

  4. I can’t tell you the last time I could afford lobster. I am sure all of the unemployed folks are loving to hear that the Obama’s are eating up all the lobsters.
    How can they be so unfeeling???

  5. How great is this, Michelle O’Lobster is preaching to everyone about OUR diets when in fact she’s gobbling down one of the highest cholesterol foods available (And the most expensive, OF COURSE). As the saying goes: Can’t be a liberal and not be a HYPOCRITE..

  6. Every time the president or his wife eats lobster or some other expensive meal the silly press wants to make a story out of it. How petty. Who cares what they eat. Are you going to tell me what I can or cannot eat? The audacity, what pompous arrogance you have. Tell me when you sit in your house with your air conditioner on do you resent yourself for being able to do something most of the world’s population cannot. When you make or receive a call on your smart phone, or use your high-speed cable connection or wireless connection do you condemn yourself because most people in the world have no such gadget to communicate with others? How do you say petty foolish fraud — Keith Koffler. Find a real story something with real substance that we would find interesting or educational.

  7. A lobster junkie is a sad and beautiful thing. Oh sure, it always starts out innocently enough. You’re at a party and someone offers you some smoked salmon or maybe a shrimp cocktail. “It’s really good, try one!” they say. Then you move up to the crab cakes. “What could it hurt?” you think. Next thing you know, you’re in an alley melting little spoons of butter over rock lobster with some stranger, wondering how the hell things ever got so screwed up.

  8. “bob August 25, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    A lobster junkie is a sad and beautiful thing. Oh sure, it always starts out innocently enough. You’re at a party and someone offers you some smoked salmon or maybe a shrimp cocktail. “It’s really good, try one!” they say. Then you move up to the crab cakes. “What could it hurt?” you think. Next thing you know, you’re in an alley melting little spoons of butter over rock lobster with some stranger, wondering how the hell things ever got so screwed up.” —- Bob — thanks for the laugh!! Hilarious comment!!

  9. Lobsters are cooked alive: hardly a demonstration of Obama’s claimed concern for animals. So where is PETA in all of this? The animal-rights activists who voted for Obama should be appalled. And it isn’t just his family pigging out on lobster. Every night they’re at home, the White House is a virtual mortuary of expensive animal carcases, often imported from other countries. How many animals die each week to satiate the greedy Obamas and their decadent friends?

    And remember all the fuss about Sarah Palin allowing aerial predator-wolf culling in Alaska (a practice signed into law by her Democratic predecessor)? Obama went even further, removing a national ban on wolf hunting, but I’ve yet to hear or read any serious protests from PETA, WWF, ASPCA or any other pro-animal organization.

    The Obamas are shameless consumers with bigger carbon footprints than most small states. With them and their sycophants it’s always “Do as we say, not as we do.” While America and much of the world is in an economic depression with NO signs of recovery, they just keep whooping it up at taxpayers’ expense. I cannot wait to read the first expose by one of their disgruntled servants when one is inevitably published. I bet it’s a howler.

  10. Give the guy a break, he’s probably celebrating every time his VP “Bite Me”, and entrouge of assorted @$$Klowns give him good news about our recovery…who doesn’t celebrate when they get good news?

  11. Moochelle’s arms are getting fat, like her ___. Keep shoveling down those lobsters.
    Someone should check Bam’s golf bag. I’m sure there’s beer and
    smokes hidden in it.
    Great examples, of healthy living for their children.
    That garden is a big hoax.

  12. I don’t care if they are economizing on food — just stop w/the constant vacationing!! Also, isn’t she walking around telling everybody else what to eat?

    Get a job like you said you would if FLOTUS, Michelle. What’s that you say? Your law license has been revoked? The single greatest reason to a lawyer loses her law license is due to financial wrongdoing.

    These people have the press covering them like flies on flypaper.

  13. Guys… Be real. Lobster in the northeast US is $5.00 a pound right now. No jokes. I disagree with his politics too but will you all just get informed for crying out loud!!!!!

  14. Let them eat cake…..

    Liberal mantra:
    Bush’s fault. Bigots. Racists. Teabaggers. Bush’s fault. Teabagger. Racist. Biggot.

    Repeat until meaningless.

  15. “Law Enforcement” is the great enabler for this illegal alien occupying the office of President of the United States. Be sure to thank them appropriately for the outstanding job they have done. As for me, I thank God every time he removes another of them from office…

  16. They can eat as much seafood as they like, if anyone has been lucky enough to hear about and to watch “Mercury Rising” on the internet, you will see that eating fish etc. these days is going to poison you anyway, and it has nothing to do with oil. With 1 in 80 males born in the US today with autism (fact) because of childhood vacinations laced with Mercury…and mothers to be, thinking eating fish is good for them, brain food… yeah. All it’s doing is killing off brain cells and poisoning their unborn children.

    Why you all care so much about what the President is eating is pathetic. He’s the president for gods sake, what do you think the Queen of England eats at state dinners, beans on toast. Grow up!!!!!!! The majority wanted Obama, just like the majority wanted Bush, at least this one has a brain (not that I rate either one of them). All Bush did was bring the country to it’s knees and spend trillions on a pointless war which has just succeeded in breeding even more hatred for the US around the world. You should all be more worried about the fact that Islam will soon be the most popular religion (if you can call it a religion) in the world, and will take over the US. Then you’ll all have a lot more to worry about than what the f*&kin’ President ate for lunch. Jezzzz!!!!!

  17. Michelle can put all the best of any designer but sadly she is just plain ugly. They can work wonders with stuff but when she looks in the mirror it tells her that u may be the first lady today but you don’t look like one and you shore do show ten cent millionaire behavior . They are so tacky. I suspect there arc many people they do not dare be around for what would be shouted at them
    My friend saw them today at Saks . One would think they would not need to shop with ordinaries . She said there were so many secrets serves around them they could not be seen. The narcissists NEED to strut and be seen. I bet. They have spent more money personally than any Presidential family.

    They have no souls.

  18. you libs are pathetic…this guy is an idiot, and you all just keep up the ‘Blame Bush crap’…well reality HAS to set in eventually, maybe, probably not, nah, it won’t.
    I just can’t believe how blind some people are

  19. Can you imagine the nightmare this guy is for the Secret Service? GW caught so much flak for going to Crawford but it was so much safer and easier for the SS to protect him. Dont think for one moment that the community organiser and his crew just walked in and chose from the menu. This whole charade was planned, menu and all, all food baught by and prepared under the watchfull eyes of the SS. I bet GW took these things into account and was easy to protect. This guy could care F ing less about the peons assigned to him. Much less the rest of us.

  20. James T loves man juice

    yeah, lobster is cheap nowadays with dictator Obamao in office. Hell everything is free now. entitlements, entitlements, entitlements. I would say “why work”, but there are no jobs anyway so don’t worry about it. But I’m not concerned I have Daddy Warbucks Obamao and his merry men to take care of me. I figure the best solution would be to raise taxes and print more money so we can fund your crack habit a little longer. I think there giving away free bongs in frisco, you should check it out. honestly, if you hate it here so much when there is a constitutional conservative elected in ’12 (if we last that long), please move to venezuela, china or n. korea. you will fit right in….douche

  21. They probably NEVER Tasted lobster in their lives until they got to the White House. Probably didn’t even know what it was until they were told!

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  23. Michelle Obama and Barry O.
    Eat only the finest
    Or didn’t you know?
    So you think the country’s in a terrible mess?
    Why should they care? They enjoy only the best!
    Fancy vacations, lots of golf and fine wine
    So what if we’re ready for the bread and soup line?
    So don’t be ridiculous! They deserve it, my friend
    After all, the presidency is ONLY ABOUT THEM!

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  25. I can only assume this is a joke because someone stupid enough to think this would not be ale to read or write. Thankfully, people stupid enough to believe the message this article is trying to send are too stupid to read or write.

  26. Maine lobster DOES happen to be the best tasting, because it’s a cold water lobster, the warm water lobsters have little taste. Most people who go to New England eat lobster unless it’s against their beliefs, that’s the cheapest place to get it. But there is no doubt, the Obamas are living it up while they can, they have no guarantees for a second term the way things are going! Meanwhile I think I read that they took their daughters for ice cream recently – what about childhood obesity!? Or is it that every child in America needs a free breakfast, lunch and dinner from school? I forget which is operative.

  27. “When are the American people going to get serious and IMPEACH this idiot!

    “C’mon America, NO Balls!!!!”

    Two words: President Joe Biden

    And if you don’t understand the joke, you might be a liberal/progressive.

  28. While we mere “citizens” are eating our leftovers for fear our jobs too will be gone son, the elite Maobamas are eating Maine lobster that sells for $14.99 lb in California. It sells for $2.99 in Maine, I wonder if the votes by the two RINO senators have anything to do with that or is it the cost to transport the tasty little crustaceans across the country?
    The hypocrisy they display is unequal to any presidency except Clinton. At least he got bj’s from a young girl wearing a velveteen blue dress! All the while Hillary was hiding the Rose law firm accounting records in the Lincoln bedroom!

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