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Obamas Enjoy The Sweet Life

Ah, The Sweet Life. That’s the name of the restaurant in Oak Bluffs on the Vineyard where Barack and Michelle are dining right now with Chicago friends Eric and Cheryl Whitaker and Valerie Jarrett.

You do pay for all this quaintness

Here’s the menu. Prices for entrees start at $32. The ribs and steak top it off at $42, but if your not squeamish about animal rights, you add in some foie gras for only an additional $7, making it a $49 dish.

From the restaurant’s website: “Executive Chef Scott Ehrlich masterfully combines flavors and textures that subtlety surprise and please, without overpowering the senses”

Well, it’s nice to know the Obama’s will be pleased without having their senses overpowered. I would hate to see that happen while they’re on vacation.

And at those prices, he’d better be masterfully combining things.

8 thoughts on “Obamas Enjoy The Sweet Life”

    1. Just got word that they are really lingering. So I assume it’s either dessert or lots of drinks. Which could mean Biden is in charge . . .

  1. “… combines flavors and textures that subtlety surprise and please, without overpowering the senses”

    They mean some foods make people actually pass out? Wow.

  2. Teddy Roosevelt once stated, “… I go to church not because I am a Christian. I go to church on Sunday because the American people go to church. The American people expect me in the pew.”

    Mr. Obama needs to stop living like a Hollywood executive and adhere to Roosevelt’s advice: stop living like a millionaire.

    As a conservative Democrat, I am shocked at how our President is “living it up” while African-Americans are suffering from joblessness, unemployment and HIV/AIDS; while poor caucasions, poor Latinos face incredible odds finding a job.

    Our President should spend time eating with the electorate and talking with the people.

    There are times when I think Mr. Obama is not really interested in the American people. He spends all his time living it up … at our expense.

    How could we have voted for this man?


  3. @ Mike
    Reagan never went to church.
    and his wife held seances in the White House.
    But now it’s such a “pressing” issue. Malarky!
    The President of the United States has issues that far exceed
    the pettiness of these posts.
    I don’t expect him to put on a “show” for the poor, or the
    asinine points directed at the President I’ve read so far.
    Please resume the hatefest, of the small minded.

  4. Paul,

    I read your screed against Mike’s post (my partner).

    There is no “hatefest” underway, which you blatantly label. There are simply millions of Americans who disagree with the President, the White House and the MSM. And as more facts and figures come to light, that number will continue to rise.

    As for “hate” – lets take a closer look:

    * Islam’s most prized theological soterology, Sharia Law, rejects religious pluralism, religious freedom, tolerance, women’s rights and openly condemns conversion and homosexuality. Homosexuals are persecuted in the Middle East (arrested, tortured, raped, murdered) in the name of Islam. If this is not hate, I would like you to defend Islam, Sharia Law and the thousands of homosexuals who are routinely rounded up and tortured by Islamic governments across the Middle East. Interestingly, the only free country in the Middle East for Muslim gays and lesbians to live free of persecution is … Israel. There are no gay organizations, HIV/AIDS groups, or gay-friendly churches in the Middle East.

    * Imam Rauf has blamed the U.S. for the 9-11 attacks, has internecine connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, AMIR, CAIR (a 9-11 unindicted co-conspirator) as well as various Islamic hate groups that call for the destruction of the Jewish State (one of which was the Holyland Corporation, closed down by the Bush Justice Department). Rauf is called a “bridge builder” by liberals because he has been given Obama’s imprimatur as an “official peace envoy.” His anti-Semitism, Christo-phobic and homophobic comments have recently come to light which destroy this fascade …and that of Mr. Obama.

    * As has been provided here on Keith’s blog, Forbes Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and other new media, Rauf, Khan, El-Gemal, et. al., refuse to discuss the past financial standing of Park 51 / Cordoba Initiative, FY accounting statements, A/P, A/R of the Cordoba Initiative, or discuss the purchase … in cash … for $4,800,000 of the Burlington Coat Factory location, which is part of Ground Zero. All attempts by FOX, FOX affliates and new media to interview Rauf and others has failed.

    Several questions Paul:

    Why is it “Islamophobic” to request a financial statement?
    Why is it “Islamophobic” to request an interview?
    Why is it “Islamophobic” when video surfaces of Rauf using anti-Semitic language, calling for the destruction of Israel while suggesting America was to partially blame for 9-11?

    Your free to support the Ground Zero Mosque.

    As a homosexual I am free to stand to against hatred, bigotry, anti-Semitism and homophobia.

    As a gay man with a partner, we see Islam and Sharia Law as an instant death sentence (re: 7 homosexual men await beheading in Saudi Arabia on charges of “perversion”; the U.S. State Department, the MSM and Keith Olbermann remain *silent*). I urge you to investigate the human rights records of the nations Imam Rauf is currently visiting and (illegally) raising money in. In Imam Rauf’s words, it is his objective, along with CAIR, to “help America to become Sharia compliant.” Sharia Law is a death sentence to homosexuals.

    A more relevant question to ask would be: Why does Mr. Obama support a Temple of Intollerance in Lower Manhattan?

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