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Laura and Michelle, Together at Last

The current First Lady and her immediate predecessor will be at Shankesville together on Sept. 11. I guess Mrs. Bush isn’t too sore that Mrs. Obama’s husband is blaming hers for everything but the Hindenburg disaster.

From the White House

The National Park Foundation, official charity of America’s national parks, announced today that First Lady Michelle Obama will join Mrs. Laura W. Bush as an additional keynote speaker at the September 11, 2010, ceremony being held at the future site of the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. They will join other distinguished guests including Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar and Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. The ceremony will honor the 40 passengers and crew of United Flight 93, along with all of those lost on September 11th.

3 thoughts on “Laura and Michelle, Together at Last”

  1. MO was added to the speaker’s list just recently. Her take on the bravery of the all-American-males who sacrificed themselves to save untold victims of the Muslim murderers will be interesting. The heros that thwarted part of the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor deserve better than MO speechifying the WH’s spin on 9-11.
    This is another stupid PR mistake by the WH. MO is damaged by her ‘optics’ and not well respected by the public. Crowding out the classy and dignified Mrs Bush is crass and tacky.

  2. Also, if that plane had hit its intended target, Mrs Bush would have been affected. She will be a lady–hope FLOTUS doesn’t pat her on the rear or anything.

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