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My Latest POLITICO Article

In this piece, I take on Maureen Dowd and her assertion Sunday that Americans are an obtuse herd of cattle with respect to Obama, Islam and the Ground Zero mosque. You can take a look here.

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  1. Great article, it’s unfortunate that Dowd receives awards for her silly name calling and uninformed rants.

    As you correctly point out Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim name and his father was a Muslim. This doesn’t mean that Barack is a Muslim or “secret Muslim” but certainly he is more sympathetic to Muslim positions than prior US leaders. It is not insanity or stupidity to think that Obama might in fact be a Muslim, although I do not think he is, nor particularly care one way or the other.

  2. Ms Dowd uses her public forum to demean and ridicule any who don’t agree with her. The name-calling and ridicule heaped on Americans who don’t like the policies and actions of the WH is counter-productive in opening a real conversation and reversing opposing beliefs.
    O can call himself “Christian” but he doesn’t act or talk like one. He’s pro-abortion, lies about all manner of things, cares nothing about other’s feelings and believes himself to be a savior of the world’s ills.
    The Dowd’s and the MSM must think the ‘freedom of speech’ thing is theirs alone and dissenting opinions must be silenced by any means.

  3. Your bias is glaring. On one level I am amazed that this is even an issue but what can you expect from people such as yourself who brought us incidents like Terri Schiavo and Elian Gonzalez.

  4. Oy, where do I begin…?

    You give lukewarm acknowledgement to the fact that nearly a fifth of Americans refuse to believe Barack Obama is a Christian, largely because it helps them hold on to the illusion of “otherness” that feeds their intense dislike bordering on hatred for the duly elected president of the United States.

    You blast Obama for not demonstrating his Christianity by attending church, when it’s well known that the paragon of evangelical politics, Ronald Reagan, rarely darkened the door of a house of worship either. You seem to embrace the flawed logic that Ronald Reagan prayed more because he went to Camp David more. Huh? Guess the standard for moral credibility is lower if you’re a white president, eh?

    Also, Barack is a Kenyan name. There’s a difference between nationality and religion. Hussein is a name shared by millions of people in the world. By your logic, Russia should pass a law banning anyone with the name Josef from holding public office as well.

    Also, the Imam Rauf has a strong reputation in NY for trying to bring about interfaith dialogue. He was one of the people who spoke at the memorial service for murdered journalist Daniel Pearl. In the pantheon of religious tolerance, I’ll wager he’s done a lot more to bring about understanding than most of the people slandering his character (present company included).

    Dowd is criticizing the current Islamophobic weirdness because she knows America is a better country than this. She’s calling Americans to listen to the better angels of our nature, not to fall for appeals to the ugly mob mentality so prevalent in the current environment. There’s a lot of self righteousness at a Ku Klux Klan march, too.

    The Constitution protects freedom of religion. Period. Not some religions, not just the “good” religions. Religions.

    Freedom of speech doesn’t just mean you can criticize the government or politicians only. It means you can criticize your neighbor for being a knucklehead. In fact, it takes a lot more courage to do the latter than the former.

    1. “Tom Paine” –

      Thanks for taking the time to write, but your email is incorrect in many ways and even malicious.

      The malicious part is that you bring race into this. My article has nothing to do with race. It is ignorant of you to suggest that it does.

      You are also incorrect. I do not say Reagan went to church at Camp David. In fact, I say that his devotion to Christianity was also questioned. And I don’t blast Obama for not attending church. I just say his failure to do so is what raises questions in peoples’ minds about his piety.

      Barack means “blessed” in Arabic. Since the one doing the blessing would be Allah, and since Hussein is a name given exclusively to Muslims, the two names together are Muslim.

      And Imam Rauf, whatever good he has done, has made statements and refused information that raise questions in people’s minds about his intent with this mosque. My point is that it’s not mean or unreasonable to have such questions.

      No one is denying freedom of religion or speech. People are asking for some sensitivity on Rauf’s part.

  5. It seems a bit hypocritical to me that Americans accept the invasion of Muslims countries where our soldiers can kick in the doors of private homes and the loss of their civilian life but we foam at the mouth at the idea of an outreach center and mosque being built 2 blocks from the 2 towers. How many civilians do you think have been accidentally killed, how many thousand? It’s estimated that 600,000 in Iraq alone.
    Do you in the media deliberately leave out the fact that the Imam was sent as our envoy on a mission to the mideast TWICE before under Bush? Like the 1 million dollar donation to the Republican Party by Fox News parent company, it’s best not to let the public in on the dirty little secret that Fox is a Republican mouthpiece. Guess what …anybody with a brain already knows, except for the members of their cult, who are continuously glued to the one channel and can’t leave home.
    I agree 100% with Dowd, as an ex-USAF nurse.

    1. Joy,
      Our soldiers, who “can kick in the doors of private homes” and have caused the loss of civilian life – which is what you suggest – are heroes. They were sent to fight and do their best under extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

      We did not “invade” Muslim countries in the sense that “invade” implies injustice. We went into Afghanistan to eradicate an enemy who had attacked us, and into Iraq to defend ourselves against a perceived threat of weapons of mass destruction held by a leader who hated us, who claimed he had them, and who would certainly be developing them now – as he had before – if we had not removed him.

  6. Do you in the media deliberately leave out the fact that the Imam was sent as our envoy on a mission to the mideast TWICE before under Bush?

    You will be amazed to learn Fox did cover this–I heard it several times. I just don’t get the significance…now you think Bush was always right to do something?

  7. Yes, yes, watching Fox is cult-like…very clever. A recent survey showed that conservatives are more likely to watch or read the “other” side than liberals. I listen to NPR, for instance. Do you watch Fox–honestly, now–or do you just know about it somehow through osmosis or something?

  8. Obama seems to pander to Muslims, perhaps this is because as a Christian he feels he does not have to reach out to his own religion and wants to show outreach to Muslims. Of course, he’s not particularly out-reachy to Buddhists, Jews, Pagans, etc. And he defended attending a racist church by saying that he really hadn’t been there all that often. As for his praying every day — why would I believe his propaganda machine?

    In other words, I doubt that he prays to anyone. He worships himself.

  9. To “Tom Paine:”

    Your post “Oy, where do I begin?” is a false-flag operation.

    LOOSING MY RELIGION. The *left*, Mr. Paine, commissioned the “Obama a Muslim?” poll after New Yorkers (first) and then America (second) began to push back. The White House and Mayor Bloomberg’s office provided online talking points to the MSM (according to Roger Simon at POLITICO) and then the State-run pravda’s began pushing the story as “proof” of “nativist rage” against “a duly elected African-American president.” The left’s submersion in race-based reporting is, itself, violently racist and bigoted but is projected onto the right by using Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” (#13): Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Good try. No dice.

    B—-HUSSEIN—-O. Obama’s parents gave POTUS the name “Hussein” not Rush Limbaugh. Bad try.

    THE IMAM FROM ISLAM. The new media has now exposed Imam Rauf for what he is: a self-proclaimed “Islamic community organizer” with ties to CAIR, AMIR, radical Imam’s in New York City, and various radical Islamic groups around the United States, the UK and the Middle East. Rauf, currently in hiding in the Middle East (per Forbes Magazine’s Claudia Rosett who ran him to ground in Saudi Arabia) dare not appear in NYC; he will have to explain his connections to radical clerics and even more radical affiliations that the left (and Mr. Obama) wish, would just go away. Ouch.

    WHEN IN DOWD, FLIP IT OUT. Maureen Dowd chose to pull out (and play) the Islamophobic card. Dowd is recognized as a leftwing snob, a talented writer who sheepishly nibbles at the heels of those who feed her. She’s just liberal enough to clink martini glasses with Mr. Bloomberg at the usual lily white, liberal fund raisers, but only speaks truth to power when it sells. Dowd played the religion card. She lost.

    MY DAILY CONSTITUTIONAL. Freedom of religion? Heavens. Liberalism rejects the tenor of establish constitutional law (from even a centrist perspective) in favor of a rabid predator called “a living Constitution” which subverts the very foundation of American freedom and jurisprudence. Liberals perspire at the very thought of having to read the words “… the freedom to keep and bare arms”. Give me a break.

    The moral of this story is simple: Imam Rauf *refuses* to meet with the 9/11 families and Police, Fire and EMS survivors. Instead of calling America a “place of intollerance” why not site down and talk with the survivors from September 11th? Why not build bridges to talk with the surviving family members?

    If memory serves correct, the greatest hate crime perpetrated to date was on September 11, 2001 when nearly 3,000 Americans were murdered by Islamic terrorists. 3,000 hate crimes committed in one 24-hour period. The human remains from Ground Zero were found as far as the East River.

    Your post lacked the one main ingredient necessary to carry weight: the truth.

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