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Obama Takes a Stand on the Mosque . . .

One of my astute readers found this. I thought it was pretty good.

4 Responses to Obama Takes a Stand on the Mosque . . .

  1. They are over at the NYT decrying the stupidity of the American people–how oh how could we ever think he was a Muslim (not that there’s anything wrong with that)? I don’t know–speaking phrases in Arabic, his dad was one, he told NASA to forget space and explore Islam, the bows, the speeches. I even saw on pundit try to put it to rest by saying this is Ramadan and he is stuffing his face with ice cream and not fasting, case closed. But sadly, they so miss the point. He is a Barackian–whatever is best for him, whatever plays.

  2. 60,000,000 Americans believe their President is a Muslim.
    It’s not like we believe he’s from the planet Klingon or anything.
    In a frantic effort to change the minds of 60 million Americans, the MSM has resorted to calling them wingnuts and crazy. It’s almost funny reading about their protestations that he is a Christian without any proof to support that fact.

  3. As a gay man living in Louisiana, I am not shocked that Obama has put in his lot with the Islamists.

    I am conservative Democrat … but I understand, unlike most, that *Sharia Law* = death to homosexuals.

    The Islamic world is not only homophobic, they arrest, torture, rape, behead and execute homosexuals throughout the Middle East. The most you’ll get from Fred Phelps is a sign that says “God Hates Fags”. You can actually go up and speak to Fred ( did ) and he was actually quite friendly. Although he considers homosexuality a “great evil” he said that “here you can live in freedom as a sodomites. Under Islam, you’ll be beheaded. So you bet, if I were a sodomite, I would live here.” This is probably the first time any homosexual has been in agreement with Rev. Phelps.

    If you are gay, liberal and vote Democrat … you had BEST understand that your President has taken an anti-gay, homophobic, pro-Sharia Law stance on gay rights.

    If you are gay, liberal and vote Democrat … the Ground Zero Mosque in lower Manhattan will house an “Islamic Ex-Gay Ministry” for “those suffering in perversion.” Remember: YOUR PRESIDENT Supports the bigots building this mosque.

    The older I get, I continue to ask myself: WHY do we support the Democrats?