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Obama Prays Every Day, Aide Says

In response to questions aboard Air Force One today about a new poll showing a fifth of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim and almost half say they don’t know what religion he is, White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton forcefully presented Obama as a pious Christian.

“The president is a Christian. He prays every day,” Burton said, before delving deeper into Obama’s regular – albeit publicly invisible – rites of observance.

He communicates with his religious advisor every single day.  There’s a group of pastors that he takes counsel from on a regular basis.  And his faith is very important to him, but it’s not something that is a topic of conversation every single day . . . the President’s top priority here isn’t making sure that Americans know what a devout Christian he is, it’s making sure that we’re getting the economy on track and we’re creating jobs in this country.

Burton said Obama will discuss his religion at some point in the future.

“You can bet that he will,” Burton said.

The poll was conducted even before Obama said last Friday that Muslims have a “right” to build the Ground Zero mosque, something which might add to the perception he is Muslim.

The president rarely goes to church, though aides say he regularly attends services privately at Camp David. But he rarely goes to Camp David.

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20 Responses to Obama Prays Every Day, Aide Says

  1. Obama: The muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound on earth said in perfect arabic in a NYT interview. Rev Wright was a muslim before he was drawn to the black liberation sect.

    Obama’s heart belongs to Islam whether he is technically one doesn’t matter. This because of his total identification with his father and Islam’s hatred of the west.

    • Janice – I do believe that the President is Christian, though the extent to which he practices, not sure. But it is interesting that we have a president who studied the Koran and most certainly prayed to Allah in his youth.

  2. When O opened his yap about the Muslim building he should have known that this would happen. Stupid, stupid,stupid.
    Americans believe, rightly so, that Muslims are our enemy. Every week, an American soldier is killed by a Muslim. They have brought their hatred to our country and have killed thousands of Americans.
    O has pulled the cloak of Muslim acceptance over his shoulders by his public fawning and unpolitic words.
    He can’t get over this with a denial and by affirming his Christian faith.
    It’s too late.

  3. He speaks Arabic? Granny Jan? Is that what you said? I thought he told us to learn a language, but he didn’t speak another one. The Clintons went to my church in DC–Foundry United Methodist. It created sort of a hassle, but we put up with it. He could if he wanted to. They went I would say 2-3 Sundays a month. The SS and limos came every Sunday–just to throw people off–then they left if the Clintons weren’t coming. They used to bring guns into the church by the sagging bagful–I hated that part..And we had to remain seated until the SS said we could go. And they searched everybody.

    • Star – having covered Clinton and watched his irresponsible tardiness, I can tell you that the Secret Service likely showed up not to throw people off but because either the Clintons said they were coming and then it got too late, or they just changed their minds and slept in.

  4. You have it all wrong, this is an election year, he will declare “I am a devout Chrislimbrewstic”.

    (Gotta cover ALL the bases with the electorate you know).

  5. I think he’s a Christian the same way he’s a happily married man. It’s something he chose for political ends. Everything he or Burton say is for a political purpose.

    Obama isn’t any different from the leftists I’ve been surrounded with most of my life in Amherst, MA. Most of them have the same attitude about the GZ mosque and the Palestinian cause that Obama has. Fortunately, they’re not president.

  6. I remember after it came out that Rev. Wright was a screaming black racist, Obama backpeddled on his enthusiastic endorsement of the Rev. It was reported that The One hadn’t really gone to the church all that often. He remarked something about how the sermons could last for 3 hours and imagine going to them with little kids. I think the Rev’s racist church was Michelle Antoinette’s thing. She could swan and around and be praised and feel as if she weren’t abandoning “her people.”

  7. I seem to remember that he and his wife spent Xmas morning in their home gym and then flew in the afternoon to their vacation spot…certainly an unorthodox way to mark the day.
    Mind you the wife was very eager to mention in an interview that the kids had had their stockings up for ages…window dressing
    He also referred in a very early interview , when talking about Islam , that ‘when it was revealed” which was certainly playing to the most orthodox members .
    I wonder if Jewish and Christian holy books were also revealed?

  8. The Clintons showed up quite a lot, but your point is well taken, Keith. As for this current president, I really don’t like to pass judgment on someone’s faith–but the way it plays to me is he was at the Wright church to get in with Chicago society and bec Michelle wanted him to go and that he does everything, including worship, for his own benefit–votes, respect, following, appearance, whatever. I am not big on the wearing your Christianity on your sleeve thing, either. Bush was about being born again, then he didn’t go to church much as I recall. At least Obama is not saying God is telling him what to do–he has Rahm and Axelrod and all the other rods for that.

  9. Mr. Obama is neither Muslim or Christian.

    He is an atheist sympathetic to “Islam for Dummies.”

    He is neither liberal or Socialist, but sympathetic to Marxism.

    His “faith” is a phantom. Like Clinton (and probably Bush), “his faith” is a fascade to draw the anti-Semitic, anti-American, pro-Islamic, anti-Christian left-wing faithful.

    His faith is in polls and elections.

    His God is political gerrymandering.