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Obama Morning News || August 18, 2010

5 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || August 18, 2010”

  1. Making O’s passport public is really a strange move at the WH.
    You fill out the personal info on the application, show your birth certificate ,swear to God it’s all true and poof! you have a US passport.
    Oooooh, the birth certificate thing. While I believe the ‘birth certificate’ issue is moot and irrelevant at this point, the WH must think otherwise.
    The “birthers” will still want to see the actual certificate and if it’s legit’, then show it to them. All the WH did with the passport relevation was to stoke the dying embers of a silly argument.
    BO’s mother was an American, case closed.

  2. Scientists say the oil is still in the Gulf. OK. It’s also in the sandy beaches, coating the fish, polluting the fresh water marshes, stinking up the land fills and has almost destroyed the entire economy of southern LA and MS.

  3. Someone check me out…When he was talking to reporters about swimming and said he wasn’t going to show off his chest, I thought he said, “She won’t let me eat.” Could that be?

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