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Obama Stops Pretending He’s Not Very Liberal

Wait second here. I thought this was the post-partisan president, always eager for new ideas from both sides of the aisle, from the middle of the aisle, and from the banister running along the aisle.

This was a candidate who tried to minimize his branding by National Journal magazine in 2008 as the most liberal lawmaker in the Senate. Lawmaker, of course, being a relative term, since Obama didn’t make many laws while he was in the Senate.

During a March 2008 interview with the New York Times, candidate Obama scoffed that “a lot of these old labels don’t apply anymore.”

Obama even suggested he’d been set up.

The only votes that come up are votes that are purposely designed to divide people. It’s true that if I’m presented with a series of votes like that, I’m more likely to fall left of center than right of center. But as president, I would be setting the terms of debate.

Last night – OMG, I was nearly shocked straight out of my shoes – Obama revealed THAT HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN JOKING.

I say joking, because I wouldn’t want to call the president insincere or maybe even a bit of a dissimulator. But there he was last night talking to some Hollywood fat cats wealthy people when he suddenly bragged, yes bragged, that he was being liberal. And not just liberal, but AS LIBERAL AS IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO BE. Here’s what he said.

We have been able to deliver the most progressive legislative agenda – one that helps working families – not just in one generation, maybe two, maybe three.

The most progressive agenda in three generations? THE MOST PROGRESSIVE AGENDA IN THREE GENERATIONS? SINCE GRANDPA??

Sorry, I’m going to take a sip of my coffee here and just relax for a minute.

Why is he bragging about this? It’s a pitiful failure of his raison d’etre Le President. It means he didn’t get any of those Republican ideas that he wanted. So he should be disappointed. It means he hasn’t floated ethereally above any of those silly old labels. It mean National Journal might have been right.



Please Joe, say it ain’t so. Please Barack, say it’s just a crock.

I know, it’s just those Republicans. You reached out to them, they were mean, so you had to do what you had to do. THEY MADE YOU BE VERY LIBERAL.

But then why are you bragging about it?

5 Responses to Obama Stops Pretending He’s Not Very Liberal

  1. An empty suit, playing a part to curry favor with each audience is our BO.
    He’s a con man, a grifter, who reads our “tells” and plays the part we want to see.
    Using lies that he can’t keep straight anymore, imaginary boogie-men to scare folks and a caustic, poisonous rhetoric has polarized our country.
    Now he’s liberal, a progressive. Ha. Only in his own mind did he believe that we thought otherwise, that he was a moderate conserative.

  2. I called him out as a phony before he was nominated. I could not find out anything concrete about him. He had released no transcripts, who was backing him, how did he even GET that 2004 speech? He voted present when he did vote in Illinois, he never seemed like a mainstream senator with a cause or causes or convictions, who WAS he? I voted Rep for the first time in my life–and I still think of him as an academic more than anything, theoretical, above it all, snide, snooty…more about himself than anything. He was never a constitutional professor–he was a lecturer. I think. who knows anymore?

  3. He was the ‘manchurian candidate’, the one they were waiting for, really.
    His shadow backers found a bi-racial, highly educated man with no particular agenda who could be manipulated. Any opposition to his policies would result in cries of “racist” and work on what they believed was the white population’s guilt. How many times have you heard “racist” used in the last 18 months…everyone who doesn’t agree with O is, in their program, ‘racist’. We might shrug our shoulders at the name calling, trying to put ‘racist’ and ‘ I don’t want my taxes raised’ together. We think illegal Mexican aliens should be deported back home..’racist’.
    The MSM, willing dupes and journalist whores, sold their integrity for a chance to get close to the power. They join in the O adminstration’s lies and name-calling, bragging that they have ‘special access’ to the Oval Office. But, there’s no intrinsic benefit to these media with O as President.
    The hard copy media is irrelevant and obsolete. The cable media that supports O is hysterical and frantic about the public’s dismissal of them.
    (anyway, you got me going and i’m going to stop now.)

  4. If he’s a liberal, then where is my universal health care, what’s Tim Geithner doing at Treasury, and why hasn’t Elizabeth Warren been nominated yet? Liberal, my ass.