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Obama Raises $1.3 Million for Murray

The cash register keeps ringing for Democrats at The Obama Store, with the president raising $1.3 million at two events for Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.).

There was a Small People Event at a hotel where 1,400 showed up, and then a Seattle Fat Cat gathering for 60 big league donors at the lakeside estate of RealNetworks founder Rob Glaser. No breakdown on the take at each gathering.

Obama had to settle for a turkey sandwich and some kind of strawberry salad nonsense for his early lunch. But things were looking up for his late lunch. From the pool report.

Menu is “Green bean, cucumber, tomato salad, cougar gold and basil;” main: “Rub with Love Wild Salmon, shitake relish, cornbread pudding;” and, dessert “Tom’s World Famous Triple Coconut Cream Pie.”

And it looks like some boater wandered into the security bubble.

Around 2:50 p.m. a Police vessel hovering near the backyard zoomed over to a passing boat to make sure it didn’t come too close.

Air Force One is now wheels up and on its way to Columbus Ohio, where its primary passenger will raise more money.

5 Responses to Obama Raises $1.3 Million for Murray

  1. Following your interesting reports. I believe coconut creme pie is BHO’s favorite. You can’t get higher in saturated fat than that. Why doesn’t he gain weight? Has anyone seen him actually eating a whole meal?

  2. We’d like to thank President Obama and Airforce One to allow our lear jet to land,eventhough it forced Airforce One to leave late. The organ on board made it in time to be transplnted. That is more important than breaking news about a seaplane and fighter jets.