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Obama Raises $1 Million in Hollywood

Usually, you have to fill an arena to raise a pile of dough like this, but with these kinds of friends and supporters, who needs it?

President Obama last night put his hand in Hollywood’s deep pocket at the home of television producer John Wells – West Wing, ER and China Beach – and out came a million smackers!! The huge take will go to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the campaign arm of the House Democrats.

Wait a second, did I say home when I meant PALACE?? From the pool report by the Wall Street Journal’s Jonathan Weisman.

The 10-minute ride brought us to a landscaped front yard that was more English garden then lawn, with topiaries, paths, and a fountain with a large great blue heron spouting water.

the pool was ushered back through the Wells’ estate and onto a veranda overlooking a walled courtyard with a pool, surrounded by grass lawn, manicured lemon trees, sage, rose bushes and Japanese maples. The crowd milled around, drinking wine brought by waiters. A string quartet stood down as first Chris Van Hollen spoke, then Nancy Pelosi, who praised “a very, very successful event,” then introduced Potus.

Well, here’s a message from Mr. Wells to you: Thanks for watching!

There was actually some Big News out of this little soirée. From the pool report:

Speaking without notes or a teleprompter, Potus spoke . . .

“Look ma, no hands!” So glad to hear that the president can now bash Republicans without mechanical assistance.

Tickets weren’t cheap, but this is Hollywood, where cheap is a relative term.

Entry was $2,500, but co-hosts, such as JJ Abrams, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, Cindy and Alan Horn, Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg (not actually here), Janet and Tom Unterman and Barbra Streisand (not actually here) paid $30,400 a couple.

Of course, the small people were not forgotten.

Debra Decker, the winner of a DCCC online contest for grassroots donors will be attending this fundraising event with her daughter Amber Romero. She contributed $25.  They are from Phoenix, Arizona.

Touching. If a tear has come to your eye, here’s a tissue.

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6 Responses to Obama Raises $1 Million in Hollywood

  1. Our clueless, hapless President spends $500,000 of taxpayers money to raise $1, 000,000 for some desperate candidates in California and Ohio. When he gets back to the WH, wifey will be waiting at the door, bags packed and ready to head off to, what else but, an expensive, lavish vacation.