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Obama Chows in Seattle

A nice little bit of color here from pool reporter Scott Wilson of the Washington Post, who is traveling with Obama in Seattle.

The president has just stopped at the Grand Central Bakery for a lunch break/photo op. With him are three props small business owners, as well as Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke – the former governor of Washington – and Sen. Patty Murray, the state’s Democratic senator, for whom Obama is in town to raise money.

“Hey guys, how are you?” He greets the staff behind the counter. “What’s your name?” (There’s an Andrea and a Rachel.)

He turns down a local salad with strawberries, even though he acknowledges it sounds good. Then decides on a half a turkey sandwich (described by staff as “Thanksgiving in a sandwich”), a smaller version of that local salad, and a bottle of water. Also gets “something sweet to go.” “You gotta ring me up,” he tells them, though they seem not really sure about that. He tells them again, laughing, they really have to.

“All right, I’m all set,” he says, emerging into an indoor courtyard to sit at a small rectangular table with Murray to his right, Locke across and to left of him, and three small business owners. Explains his early lunch by saying he’s “still on East Coast time.”

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