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Obama’s Empty Gesture on the Ground Zero Mosque

The reaction of President Obama and his aides to his own speech on the Ground Zero mosque has been, and continues to be today, a disgrace and an outrage.

Bill Clinton has been spending lots of time dealing with Obama lately, and it shows. Obama is getting himself squarely on both sides of the issue while shirking his responsibility to directly address it.

It’s excusable if you believe that Obama was for the Ground Zero mosque before he was against it.

Speaking to Muslims leaders attending the White House Iftar Dinner Friday night, the president patted himself on the back for supporting freedom of religion and said Muslims have the “right” to build a mosque at Ground Zero. The remarks were widely interpreted as supportive of the project.

But wait a second, the next day Obama proclaimed that he wasn’t commenting on whether the mosque was a good idea, only that there exists a “right” to build it.

Obama addresses the Iftar Dinner

Well what a revelation. If it’s legal, there’s a right to do it. Nobody really contests that. Obama ascended a grand White House stage and with high theatrics said essentially nothing. And then he clarified the next day that he was saying nothing.

And then he said he would continue to say nothing – that is, not take a stance on the correctness of building the mosque. Because it’s his job to defend Constitutional principles from troglodytes who would trample them, his aides exclaim.

“The president thinks it’s his obligation to speak out when issues of the Constitution arise,” said White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton aboard Air Force One today. Saturday, as the uproar rippled outward over Obama’s amendment to his original remarks, Burton said, “It is not his role as President to pass judgment on every local project. But it is his responsibility to stand up for the Constitutional principle of religious freedom and equal treatment for all Americans.”

This is about as fatuous as it gets from presidents and their spinmeisters. In fact, it is an outrage.

Another local project

This is NOT JUST SOME LOCAL PROJECT. It something that thousands of Americans directly affected by the 9/11 attacks and millions of the rest of us view with sincere emotion and deep gravity.

This is not the Chicago School of Law, or the Chicago School of Politics. This is the presidency, and it is Obama’s job to lead the country. And that includes commenting and offering guidance on difficult issues.

When Obama called the Arizona immigration law “misguided” and said it showed “irresponsibility,”  was he delivering a lecture on the Constitution, or was he weighing in to an emotional and contentious debate?


Because, he decided it was important enough to him. And in the case of those aggrieved by the sight of a mosque towering over the place where three thousand Americans were killed by terrorists proclaiming their allegiance – however warped – to Islam, it is not important enough. Or it could offend someone on Martha’s Vineyard, where he will begin vacationing Thursday.

Presidents are both the Constitutional and moral leaders of the nation. Obama knows it. Where are the notions of “hope” and “change” in the Constitution? He and his aides need to stop dressing up a craven failure to lead as high Constitutional principle.

11 thoughts on “Obama’s Empty Gesture on the Ground Zero Mosque”

  1. I am going to say this once and very slooowwwlly. NO ONE SAID YOU CAN’T PRACTICE ISLAM AND NO ONE SAID YOU CAN’T LEGALLY BUILD THERE. THEY JUST SAID IT’S CREEPY TO DO IT. Isn’t that in the Creepy Amdt to the Constitution or something?

  2. Americans don’t blame all Muslims for 911 but the wounds are too raw for us to try to separate the good ones from the bad guys. By lecturing us on the Constitution (which does not ‘guarantee’ freedom of religion) when no remarks were called for, he has made this Mosque his own. And, by association, made himself a Muslim.
    Muslims cannot practice their religious beliefs in America; some of their practices are illegal here. In other Muslim nations, beheading, stoning, lashing, limb removal and other atrocities are condoned, even honored by the believers. No non-Muslim American would endorse such a ‘religion’.
    Our President is either the most clueless politician to ever sit in the Oval Office or the most sinister one.

  3. Sinister…gave me shivers. Still, sometimes I wonder. I don’t know if he’s anything in religion, even Muslim. He was a Wrightiac when it helped him get into Chicago society and the machine…my take on that. We had some honor killings out here in AZ–we don’t really need to “honor” sharia law, in my opinion. I am sorry if that sounds disrespectful. Yes, we do have capital punishment, but we don’t stone women, shoot them in stadiums, hack off their noses, or run them down with cars. You can say that’s a cultural difference–I’ll say!

    I have question on this mosque–or all US mosques, Keith. Do they do the amplified call to prayer five times a day? That could be dissonant at that site…somehow.

    1. That’s a good question Star. Can you imagine someone in tears with their memories at the site and suddenly there is the call to prayer? At the very least, it will be a hub of activity. This is going to be a large institution.

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  5. Does any politician seriously think that allowing the Muslims to build this Victory Mosque will pacify them or prevent further attacks? In fact, it will only encourage them, in the same way that allowing the Nazis to occupy the Rhineland led to their occupation of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and then the whole of Europe.

    The politicians should read the links under ‘Appeasement’ at EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ISLAM

  6. This has become a situation of strength — will islam prevail and build the mosque or will American citizens prevent it? How interesting that our President, the one who bowed to the Saudi King, has weighed in on the side of the muslims, just like he took the side of Mexico, a nation that is supporting the flooding of us with illegally with their least skilled, least educated, poorest citizens.

    I think the Party Prez believes that he is here to teach America a lesson. We are always wrong, we are always to be criticized. Our values are bad. We do not have a civilization worth preserving. His message seems to be something along these lines.

  7. It’s utterly amazing to me that this administration thinks this president is acting presidential by both supporting AND not supporting the Cordoba (Conquest)Initiative mosque at the same time.

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