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Obama Didn’t Swim in the Gulf of Mexico

Not technically, anyway. He swam in something called St. Andrews Bay, which is connected to the Gulf. But St. Andrews received tarballs just like those floating in the Gulf, so he did fulfill his presidential petroleum immersion duties.

And in fact, we give Obama extra credit for swimming near a place called “Alligator Point.” I mean, this is Florida.

The White House press corps photographers were not happy about not being permitted to photograph him, since his swim was a major symbolic event. Instead, the White House released its own photo, lying explaining that it was logistically difficult to get the press in position to shoot it.

The real reason is that Obama didn’t want another photo of him bare chested plastered across the front pages of magazines from New York to Timbuktu.

I agree with the White House. Frankly if I were him, I wouldn’t want it either. And as me, I don’t want it. But the press photographers have long running complaints that the transparency White House likes to take its own pictures and exclude the press, starting with the just-in-case swearing in done at the White House after the one on the Capitol steps was botched.

4 thoughts on “Obama Didn’t Swim in the Gulf of Mexico”

  1. America doesn’t have a need to see the Prez in a bathing suit and we really don’t want to see the FLOTUS in one, ever. This trip was too little, too late and won’t erase Mrs O’s fabulous vacation in Spain, nor will it make the upcoming expensive vacation in Maine easier to explain. The O’s constant trips in and out of DC to indulge themselves without any concern for the inconvienence and disruption of others makes them look bad.

  2. I knew we wouldn’t be seeing Mr. Puniverse in his bathing suit. I just didn’t know how they would get the money shot…brilliant…under water.

    Mrs O had a hot fudge sundae with extra hot fudge and she also had lobster the previous night. I still haven’t had my lobster this summer. *jealous*

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