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Obamas Get Ice Cream and Leave Panama City

The Obama’s boarded Air Force One to return from Panama City to Washington at 12:37 pm central time, an hour ahead of time. But first, a stop for ice cream. Yes, “Let Move” Michelle had some too.

From the pool report:

Motorcade left the Marriott resort complex at 12:03 pm central time.   People lined up along motorcade route waved and took pictures. We passed a couple of signs planted in ground that read “Michelle 2016,” complete with Obama campaign logo.
Motorcade made a quick stop at Bruster’s ice cream stand. Potus, wearing dark polo shirt and khakis, ordered cup of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Flotus and Sasha also had large cups of ice cream. Will get flavor.
For the OTR, the press van stopped right in front of a Hooters.  Waitresses in orange shorts ran out to get a glimpse of the First Family, but were kept at bay by Secret Service.
After placing the order, pouts, holding some bills, invited pool to come up and order some ice cream, offering to pay.
There were no takers.
We’re now at airport, preparing to board AF1.

Peter Nicholas
Tribune Washington Bureau
LA Times/Chicago Tribune newspapers

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3 Responses to Obamas Get Ice Cream and Leave Panama City

  1. The O’s stayed at the Bay Point Marriot and O did not “swim” in the Gulf but rather in St Andrews Bay off of Alligator Point. St Andrews Bay is protected from the oil spill by natural reefs and barrier islands. Teams of Navy Seals were deployed underwater to protect the Prez from any aquatic predator that might cause a problem.
    Every time they disrupt a local business to order ice cream, we should remind ourselves that AF1 does have ice cream available on board.

    • Thanks for the info. I knew they weren’t technically in the Gulf but didn’t realize the difference might be significant. Will take a look at.