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The Obamas Go on a Boat Ride

Here’s a photo:

The pool report from Panama City, FL:

Potus’s boat, a converted 50-foot Navy Launch called the “Bay Point Lady” left the dock at 9:20 a.m. local time.

Flotus and Sasha are also aboard. Bo apparently is back at the hotel. U.S. Coast Guard vessels trailing along.

Potus, flotus and Sasha made their way to the bow pulpit and leaned against a metal railing. Potus is wearing a black polo shirt and khakis. First lady is in a black tank top and long shorts. Sasha in a yellow top. As luck would have it, a porpoise breached the surface a few yards from the Bay Point Lady,  to the delight of the First Family.

The boat has a large American flag waving from the stern.  Potus can be seen pointing, looking out at St. Andrews Bay and chatting with crew.

3 thoughts on “The Obamas Go on a Boat Ride”

  1. Just one long 24 hour photo op of the average American family.
    Mrs O looks like she didn’t have enough time to get out of her pj’s this morning.

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