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The Photo: Obama Goes Swimming in the Gulf

And he brought Sasha in too. Here’s the White House photo release. No coverage was allowed. Obama mentioned today that he didn’t want more photos circulating of him half naked, and Michelle more than concurred.

However, not much fish has been consumed yet. From the pool report:

Some details on POTUS, FLOTUS and Sasha’s lunch at Lime’s Bayside Bar and Grill, an open-air place out on a long pier with wooden tables featuring buckets of napkins and bottled water:

Pool is told the three of them shared fish tacos, chicken tenders and a burger, as well as an order of guacamole.

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  1. Gee, I agree with the O’s. There’s a time for public photos and a time for the O’s to have some privacy at the beach. I hope the WeeWon#2 has a grand time with her parents. She really looks happy.

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