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Obamas on Their Way to Panama City

Here’s the pool report. Looks like Bo did not get a separate flight this time.

What is ds great about Malia’s camp that she doesn’t get to go on any trips?

President Obama arrived at Andrews AFB on Marine One at 9:44 a.m. He stepped into beautiful, sunny weather – low-humidity, the last he’ll see of that today – at 9:48 p.m.

A jacketless POTUS was followed by daughter Sasha, who was wearing a white dress with a red sash and little platform-heeled sandals, and FLOTUS, who wore a teal dress and yellow flats. Malia Obama is still away at camp.

POTUS, FLOTUS and Sasha jogged up the stairs to AF1. POTUS waved before ducking inside.

Reggie Love and Meredith Koop, an aide to FLOTUS, also traveled with POTUS on Marine One. Bill Burton is on the trip, already on AF1 when POTUS arrived.

Bo, the first dog, is also on the trip, although no Marine One flight for him either. He was already on AF1 when first family arrived. He paid a brief visit to the press cabin, did a turn down the aisle and sniffed around, but with no food and a bunch of reporters, he was quickly tired of us and was gone.

AF1 rolling, headed to Panama City, Fla.

Carol Lee

5 Responses to Obamas on Their Way to Panama City

  1. Lots of theories about the oldest girl and why she was sent away for a whole month at camp. #1 She fell behind in school and is in intense catch-up studies. #2 She is in great need of an attitude adjustment. #3 No one is sure why she’s at camp so long. 1-2 weeks is standard for sleep-over camp because kids get all homesick the first time. so??
    But, I’m really happy that the O’s can have a little vacation time, they work so hard for us. pftttt.

  2. The Pool reporter is a kindly person.
    I just saw a video of the First Family leaving (or arrriving).
    When was the last time you saw panty lines on the First Lady’s behind?
    You can see them today. Yes, it is a major NO-NO in fashion.