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Obama Scares Seniors on Social Security

President Obama this week decided to scare the crap out of seniors for political purposes, warning in his weekly address that Republicans are plotting to “privatize” Social Security by reviving the failed Bush idea of letting people use a portion of their payroll taxes to create individual accounts.

Obama’s politics-as-usual-or-worse remarks are currently permitted under the rules, since he last week announced that he was suspending Hope and Change until Election Day.

Are you aware of any Republican leaders who are seriously contemplating resurrecting this proposal if they are returned to power? I think it might be part the economic blueprint by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), but he’s not in the leadership, and I don’t thing any other top Republicans take the notion seriously.

That’s because it makes absolutely no sense, and they would be sued for political malpractice, possibly even imprisoned for criminal political incompetence. If they couldn’t get this passed with control of both Houses of Congress and Bush as President, how could they possibly get it through with Obama in charge?

So, seniors and soon-to-be retirees, hold onto your seats, here is your president trying to frighten you into supporting Democrats in November. I ask any readers with severe cardiac conditions to please skip the following video.

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2 Responses to Obama Scares Seniors on Social Security

  1. It’s pretty sad when the POTUS jumps in front of Granny and Grampa and yells “BOO!” in an attempt to scare them.
    He needs better advisors.