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Obama Goes Golfing in Panama City

Miniature golfing, that is.

I’ll let the highly descriptive pool report by POLITICO’s Carol Lee do the talking:

Mini-golf outing in Panama City Beach – Sasha and POTUS get holes in one, FLOTUS gets a “first lady gimmie”:

*also more details of POTUS swim at end of report

Motorcade left the Marriott around 5:20 p.m. CST. and arrived about 10 minutes later at Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf, which has a banner sign out front that says “WELCOME OBAMA FAMILY.” The mini-golf place is located on Front Beach Road, a strip dotted with an amusement park, a go-cart track, a Dominos Pizza, appliance stores, arcades, shops and restaurants.

President Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and Sasha Obama were inside Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf’s main building, a small structure made to look like a Mediterranean-style cottage with a terra-cotta rooftop. They were picking out their putters and golf balls. Sasha went with the green putter and bright orange golf ball. POTUS and FLOTUS grabbled basic black ones.

POTUS, chewing gum and with his sunglasses on inside, said, “I’m gonna go with classic white,” and snatched up a white golf ball. “Alright where do we go tee off?” he said, looking toward the exit.

But first he had to pay the beaming clerks behind the counter. Wearing washed-out black jeans, sneakers and a white short-sleeve polo, POTUS pulled a wad of cash out of his left pocket and paid for his family’s round of miniature golf.

“Keep the penny in case someone needs a penny,” he said, handing some change back to the clerk.

Sasha went first, placing her bright orange ball on the tee.

She swung and as her ball headed toward the hole, her parents cheered her on.

“You’re working the hole,” POTUS said.

“Oh, nice Sasha,” FLOTUS said.

Then: “Oh” from POTUS and “Woa!”

“She got it in. On the first hole. That’s unbelievable. Oh, man,” POTUS said.

“Oh wow, is that it’s…” FLOTUS said.

“That’s how you do it right there,” said POTUS.

“Oh man. I’m going to be humiliated. I can’t do that,” remarked FLOTUS.

“Did you guys see that one?” POTUS said, turning to pool. “That was unbelievable.”

POTUS was asked what the odds are he’ll do that. “Very low. Very low. That was unbelievable. Man. Hole in one.”

“Alright, Sasha give me a tip,” FLOTUS said, getting ready to putt.

“I don’t know what I did,” Sasha said.

“You don’t know what you did?” FLOTUS said before putting, and not making near the hole.

“Oh no no. Yeah, see. Oh, see. Not bad, not bad. Ooh. Ooh.”

“That was close mommy,” Sasha said.

“So Sasha’s up,” FLOTUS said.

“Sasha’s definitely up,” POTUS said, placing his ball down. “Now I’m going to see if I can do what Sasha did,” and he putted.

“Oh, way overshot the runway,” he said, and groaned.

FLOTUS finished putting.

“Is there some stance I should have?” she asked her husband.

“No, that’s a pretty good stance,” POTUS said.

She putted and missed. “Not bad,” POTUS said, and then went in and tried to kick her ball in.

POTUS then putted, sinking his ball on his second swing, making par. “That was par 2,” he said.

FLOTUS tried again. “Woah,” POTUS said, cringing at her shot.

“That was a gimme,” he said. “That was a first lady gimmie.”

Moving on to the next hole, POTUS turned to pool: “I hope that was recorded on TV, that hole in one.”

Reggie Love and Marvin Nicholson were setting up at the first hole.

Around 6 p.m. pool was brought back out to watch more mini-golf.

On hole 10, POTUS got behind FLOTUS to show her how to putt. They leaned over to watch her shot, but from the looks on their faces it must not have been great.

On hole 11, Sasha putted first. It didn’t go far. She hit it again and another time before just picking it up.

FLOTUS tried several times and finally hit her ball in, jumping a little with excitement.

Then went POTUS. He got a hole in one and instantly looked over at pool as if to say, pretty good eh? And probably to make sure it was caught on tape.

On hole 12: FLOTUS hit her ball, and it jumped the green and landed in a nearby fake pond.

POTUS was writing down everyone’s scores, standing in front of a sign for Budget Appliance advertising $99 washers and dryers.

As the three of them went to the next hole, pool asked who’s winning. POTUS said it was tied. But FLOTUS, standing in front of him, gestured toward her husband.

Shortly before 6:30 p.m. POTUS was shaking hands with people inside the clubhouse. Motorcade was rolling at 6:30 p.m.

Also, more details on POTUS’s swimming excursion, from Bill Burton:

POTUS and Sasha went swimming at Alligator Point Beach right near where they ate lunch. They spent probably an hour-and-a-half on the beach, in the water and at the restaurant.

5 Responses to Obama Goes Golfing in Panama City

  1. That is the most boring exchange of family drivel ever written by a professional journalist on the world wide web in the last _? years.
    She could have spiced it up a bit, you know, added some creative dialogue like…
    BO..”get out of my way, you little rug rat”
    Sasha…”daddy, daddy, you’re so mean”
    MO…”i’m sick of golf, golf, golf, that’s all you ever think about”
    BO….”can’t i get any peace from anyone? just leave me alone”
    Sasha…”boo hoo.waaaa”
    MO…”that’s it, i’m going back to spain”
    See? now that’s interesting.

  2. “Keep the penny in case someone needs a penny,” he said, handing some change back to the clerk.

    Jeez, all we got out here was some border guard desk jockeys–and they are temporary.