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Bo Gets the Run of Air Force One . . .

. . . but he’s forced to take the staff chopper.

From the pool report by Carol Lee of POLITICO, filed after landing in Panama City and then departure via chopper to a Coast Guard station where he will meet with locals and make remarks.

At 11:01 a.m. POTUS and FLOTUS are en route to a landing zone near US Coast Guard Panama City district office. Meanwhile, before POTUS exited AF1, Bo was walked by an aide to a separate helo for staff.

And for all you dog lovers out there, Bo made several appearances in the press cabin during the roughly two-hour flight. Lured by pool’s montecristo sandwiches, he hung out for quite a bit, sitting obediently and at one point plopping his paws up on your pooler’s seat in hopes of a treat. The first pup apparently has the run of the place when he flies AF1. He repeatedly returned to visit pool, but in the absence of food he didn’t linger for long. Your pooler has several blurry BlackBerry pics of Bo if anyone is interested.

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5 Responses to Bo Gets the Run of Air Force One . . .

  1. Why, oh, why did they take that poor dog with them on this trip?
    Real life families don’t take a great big dog with them on an overnight mini-vacation.

  2. Pres. Obama will go swimming – but not when the press is around. Says he doesnt want to appear bare-chested on magazine covers again.

    I suppose everyone else will be moved for “security” reasons far away or have their cell phones taken away.

    He doesn’t want to appear barely-chested if you ask me. In the photos today the size of his forearms and wrists were scary skinny.

  3. This is an abomination. Either MO or BHO had a hamburger for lunch. Only one had seafood. I thought they were going there to eat seafood. I hope this becomes an election issue.

    Well, I’m going out to dinner to celebrate Buddy’s birthday and I guess I’ll have to eat Gulf shrimp to make up for this royal screw-up or lobster.