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White House Seems to Condone Ground Zero Mosque

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs came as close he ever has today to saying the White House approves of the mosque being built just by the World Trade Center site.

Gibbs suggested that President Obama will make the position official when he speaks at the annual White House Iftar dinner tonight, which marks the start of Ramadan.

QUESTION: At the dinner tonight, do you anticipate that the president will address the issue of the mosque in New York?

GIBBS: I’ve not seen the president’s final remarks. I will say this. I think the president strongly believes that our country was founded on first and foremost, a tenet of religious freedom.

You know, we have events throughout the year — Christmas, Hanukkah, tonight’s event, Iftar- to celebrate the rich diversity of religious freedom in this country that goes back, as I said, to its founding.

I anticipate he’ll talk about that.

QUESTION: Robert, how does that square, though, with the earlier comments on this from the White House, that this is a local matter?

GIBBS: Religious freedom is something that the president believes in, and I think you’ll hear him talk about it tonight.

So, it’s not longer a local issue, as Gibbs has said in the past. It’s a national issue because religious principles are universal.

Wrong. It’s a national issue because the people murdered at Ground Zero were from all over the country, because it was an attack on the whole country, and because the people fighting in the wars it prompted are from all over the United States.

Charles Krauthammer has an excellent piece today on why the mosque should not be built on hallowed ground. I believe the funding for the mosque and the ties of those who are behind it needs to be investigated. There is evidence, as the National Review points out, they are not quite as moderate as they present themselves to be.

The controversy that has ensued and the planners continued insistence on putting the mosque on the site belies the stated objective of fostering unity, understanding, and blah blah blah.

My suspicion, not proven, is that the money for the mosque is coming from people who despise what we stand for, and that the project is a plan to plant the flag of victory on defeated enemy ground.

Whether it is or not, that’s how it will be seen throughout the Muslim world among the many there who do hate us.

7 Responses to White House Seems to Condone Ground Zero Mosque

  1. I was 2,000 miles from NYC when the terrorist-directed planes destroyed our security and the WTC at the same time. I watched in horror and cried for the loss of life that all Americans mourned.
    This is not about religious freedom. Every month, our communities still suffer the loss of men and women at the hands of Muslim radicals overseas.
    We do not welcome Muslims. Not yet, maybe never. We tolerate Muslims and they should recognize and appreciate our feelings.
    Build somewhere else. Anywhere but there. It’s the right thing to do.

  2. That was good. No wonder you’re not at the WH anymore.

    BHO said muslims have contributed greatly to this country throughout its history. Urban renewal in lower Manhattan?

    Move Over tourist Guy and Meet Vacation Gal…my latest video based on Free Republic’s photoshops.

  3. This is a real shame. If there had been a Native American burial ground there, it would be sacred ground, with all sorts of respect shown.
    This is modern sacred ground, and no amount of arguing about religious rights of some other group will change the events that happened there

  4. This proposed mosque is at least two blocks from the site and the whole thing is being blown up totally out of proportion – naming it the “Ground Zero Mosque” and building a whole campaign around that is just as bad as the campaign was built around the falsely named “Death Panels”
    anything to create a furor.
    I thought you were better than that –

    • Well, I appreciate you earlier assessment of me, but I am unfortunately not as good as you thought. I’m sorry you think people’s sincere beliefs, emotions and rationales are offered “to create a furor.” I’ll have a post later with more thoughts on what Obama did.

  5. President Oboma

    I’m guessing your opinion or voice about this matter over rules the voices of the people that either voted for you or not, I mean does the voices of the people in this United States we the people live in, really matter any more? Or is it just the way for you to get the muslim votes in exchange of the american votes for your next election?
    I feel you are disrespecting all that is inconcren of what happened at ground zero!