As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Wall Street Journal Wants More Obama Golf

We’ve been implicitly criticizing the practice by making fun of him. WSJ disagrees.

We wish Mr. Obama played more golf. Seven days a week, in fact. Imagine how much better off America would be—and how much more popular the President would be—had he taken the rising public protests against ObamaCare last summer as an opening to drop the subject and work on his handicap?

The more Mr. Obama and his White House team practice their putting strokes, the less time they’d have to pass more stimulus, overregulate more industries, or raise more taxes. The economy would recover more rapidly with less political handling.

So by all means, swing away, Mr. President. Work on that jump shot, polish your short game, practice your fly cast mending. Then watch GDP and your approval ratings rise.

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2 Responses to Wall Street Journal Wants More Obama Golf

  1. Seems like the advertisers of the WSJ might not want O ‘getting up in their business’ anymore. O doesn’t understand that the business of American IS business. (not my words, of course)
    Lots of us wish he would extend his Martha’s Vineyard vacation from 10 days to…oh…2 months. Heck, take a sabbatical for a year. Rest, relax.

  2. Last year there were videos of BHO playing golf in M. V. because people live adjacent to the golf course and weren’t stopped from videoing him.

    I can’t imagine that they want photos this year. Will the SS confiscate cameras and phones like they did yesterday when Moochelle came rolling in:

    What right to they have to do this? It has nothing to do with security.