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A Piece I Did for POLITICO Today

Obama moves to the middle. I’m thinking maybe Gibbs’ recent “mistatements” about liberals were actually designed to provoke them and show Obama at odds with the left. They’ve been casting him as more moderate of late. Here’s the link:

Obama Moves to the Middle.

4 Responses to A Piece I Did for POLITICO Today

  1. Huh. Nothing is as it seems in this WH.
    They can cast him as a right wing-tea party supporter-anti big government-gun totin’ NRA card holder and a member of the John Birch Society but it won’t work. The damage is done, we are not stupid, nor do we forget.

  2. I read your article after I wrote my comments on the “new and improved” Obama. Since O’s background is hazy and not as public as other elected officials, you must have something that makes you think he was a moderate at one time and then one day changed into a flaming hard left progressive.