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Obama Lunches With Reporters

The transparency White House has been mostly opaque today, with no appearances by Obama nor even a briefing with Gibbs. But Obama decided to have an off the record lunch with about a dozen reporters who regularly cover the White House beat.

To those of you who think Obama and the White House press corps have some secret cabal going, I can assure you there is a lot of frustration with the lack of access to the president, even as compared to President Bush. Clinton was sometimes hard to get rid of. No question, most of these reporters who voted pulled the lever for Obama. But most try not to be biased in their reporting, and all of them think he ignores them for the most part.

The New York Times snootily refused to attend. I guess their rationale as that it shouldn’t be off the record. But the opportunity to get on the inside, measure the current thinking of the president and get on people’s radar screen is priceless. Passing it up is a bad idea.

And no, Dossier not invited.

6 Responses to Obama Lunches With Reporters

  1. I thought as much about Gibbs. Nothing these people do isn’t planned, well, maybe not Michelle’s trip.

    I liked the article but he would have to be a magician to pull it off. I think the public has an impression of him as a talker, arrogant, leftist, and a dilatant. Since this is accurate that impression would be hard to change.

  2. Bragging rights are more important to this group of select reporters than the public’s right to know what their President is doing/thinking.
    “Off the record” means secret. Don’t tell.
    What could he possibly tell the reporters that is to be kept secret, that he doesn’t want the public to know. And, now that the select group knows what we don’t, what do they do with this information?
    It’s wrong and for once, I agree with the NYT.

    • Good points srdem65. Legitimate point of view, but my feeling is in the long run it’s best to get any access you can, that information will eventually flow from it. And Kara, so of the big operations have pretty good access to senior aides, I would add.