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Obama Morning News || August 11, 2010

Obama’s Man Wins Colorado Primary . . . New York Times
Young Obama Voters May Skip Midterms . . . New York Times
Obama Signs $26B Jobs Bill . . . Washington Post
Ramos: Obama Broke Immigration Promise . . . POLITICO
Medicare Chief’s Ties Questioned . . . Washington Times
Liberals Steamed at Gibbs for Comments . . . POLITICO
Michelle, Sasha, Cause Statehouse Spectacle. . . Washington Post
Obama Signs Ban on Prison Cell Phones . . . CNN

One Response to Obama Morning News || August 11, 2010

  1. Cut their food stamps and let the bums starve, school teachers need their jobs. Cut their food stamps again, school cafeteria workers need their jobs.
    Heck, let’s just eliminate the whole food stamp thing, there’s lots of food available in dumpsters. There’s nothing in the Bill of Rights that says we have a “right” to free food. This is one short-sighted, cold, and heartless administration.
    MO and WeeWon#2, on a exciting, fun-filled tour of stately buildings in DC, have once again carelessly disrupted the lives and freedom of the ‘small’ people who were in their way.
    For pete’s sake, how do we expect the “shot-callers” to communicate with their “homies” if they can’t have access to cell phones? Geez.