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Sob Story Experiences ‘Travel Delay’

President Obama this morning discussed how an aid-to-the-states package that the House is moving to pass will help teachers.  On stage will be what the cynical press corps refers to as “sob stories,” that is, real life examples of people who have been injured by the ruinous policies of the president’s opponents and who will be helped if only everyone would just listen him. All president do it.

Obama’s peeps found three sob stories teachers who might benefit from the bill.

But one didn’t make it. According to a White House backgrounder on the event:

Amanda VanNess was previously scheduled to attend, however due to a travel delay she will be unable to participate. Amanda taught kindergarten at Pickett Academy Elementary School in the Toledo City School District in Toledo, Ohio until she was laid off in July.  Amanda could be re-hired if Congress acts to pass the Education Jobs Fund

Did she miss her flight?

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