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Panama City Theater, Starring ‘The Obamas’

The White House is starting to release more details of the president and his family’s upcoming “vacation” in Panama City, Fla., and it’s pretty clear that they’d be better off not going at all.

Turns out they are flying down this Saturday and returning Sunday. Sounds very relaxing. And disturbing. Is there anyone worth less than say $10 million that flies down to Florida for a weekend vacation, and doesn’t even leave on Friday?

Of course, as any five year old could see – because the five year old would be shocked to learn he was returning from his Florida vacation the next day – this is about planting Obama’s political flag in a Gulf Coast beach, not about vacationing.

It’s not even a symbolic gesture. A symbolic gesture would be, well, a VACATION in the Gulf. One where the Obama’s and all those Secret Service Agents and reporters provide a fat little stimulus to the local economy by hanging around for several days, buying beach trinkets, sipping rum runners, and eating at local restaurants. Maybe even ordering seafood .

This is a box checking exercise done before the Obama’s take their REAL vacation in Mahthah’s Vinyahd.

Of course, the taxpayers will foot the bill for their transparent attempt to repair the damage to President Obama’s reputation incurred when he forgot to care enough about the oil spill.

I assume the family is traveling Air Force One, and not Jet Blue. And that the minibus from the airport to the hotel won’t be making stops at other hotels to drop other people off first, and that it will include two stretch limousines, two lines of motorcycles, a small brigade of heavily armed Secret Service members, two vans of reporters, a small mobile hospital, and so forth.

8 Responses to Panama City Theater, Starring ‘The Obamas’

  1. I’m actually surprised, yet delighted, too. This is hard to figure out except maybe it really is the War of the Roses and they can’t stand to be together any longer than a day. MO hasn’t gone to any of his events in a while like the Obamcare signing. I wonder if there’s a his and her’s section of the WH roped off. I hope tthe secret service will protect him if it gets physical between the two. She can take care of herself.

  2. Its really insulting. here his wife just blew a million dollars on a vacation in SPAIN- running around THEIR beaches and staying in THEIR ritzy hotels for 4 days- and then they visit the motel six in PC for a single night? Do they NOT know …or care Florida is one of the world’s best vacation spots?

    NOT that I want them here – but if the IDEA is to restore tourists confidence in a Florida vacation- well they have a funny way of doing it!

    This family is not American! Real Americans take their kids to Disneyworld. not SPAIN. you can visit THAT at EPCOT and scoot over to half a dozen countries for lunch and dinner.

    • Thanks Jerry. You’re right, one night does more to say “We gotta get out of this place” then restore the confidence of tourists. Only thing – I guarantee you it ain’t gonna be the Motel Six . . .

  3. The WH and the MSM might be pooh-poohing Mrs O’s trip to Spain as a non-story but the lie is all over the ‘net. The small people were heated up over the fantastic vacation until the WH spun “reason she went to Spain #2” .
    That poured gasoline on a story that might have died by itself.

    Mrs O would do us all a favor if she would feign a ‘terrible toothache’ and the O’s would have to cancel this Florida stop-over.

  4. This the most arrogant of celebrities that reside in the Whitehouse.
    As the country suffers from many woes,they playfully run from one vacation and another without regard or respect nor dignity shown the people they are to represent. This isn’t a president we can respect nor trust for that matter.