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Obama Morning News || August 9, 2010

Obama to Call for Better Graduation Rates . . . New York Times
Michelle In Demand on Campaign Trail . . . POLITICO
Obama Fundraising Host a Big Donor . . . Dallas Morning News
Obama’s All-Star Birthday Weekend . . . Washington Post
The White House Side of Michelle’s Trip . . . Chicago Sun-Times
Bitchy Biden on the Golf Course . . . New York Daily News

6 Responses to Obama Morning News || August 9, 2010

  1. Windows Movie Maker 2.6…the one everyone makes fun of. I’ve added some extras and will be adding more if I can figure out how to do it.

    WMM is simple, intuitive so you don’t have to read directions. I’ve tried fancier software but couldn’t figure them out.

    • Thanks. I’m going to start doing more with video. I have one I need to edit today which you’ll find interesting. I like your eerie style.

  2. Lynn Sweet should hang her head in shame at the ridiculous, insulting spin story on why MO booked a lavish vacation in Spain. It’s obvious Sweet was given these facts by WH political operatives who have devolved into panic-sticken apologists for MO.
    The American public owes the foreign media for the true story and photos of this outrageous trip by the FLOTUS. Yesterday, the WH announced that they are selling military aircraft to the Saudis; is it just a “fun fact” that the resort that MO chose was also chosen by high-ranking Saudis, including the notorious arms dealer, Adin Khashaggi as a great place to vacation?

  3. The bereaved’s husband, Marty Nesbitt, was being consoled this weekend by BHO. Golf, basketball, more basketball, birthday bash, WH sleepover… I hope this consoled him.