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Candor from the White House on Bill White

Pretty refreshing today to hear the White House not trying to claim Texas gubernatorial candidate Bill White was doing anything but hiding from President Obama by choosing not to appear with him during Obama’s trip to the state today.

Here’s White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton aboard Air Force One.

I think it says that Bill White had something else going on today that he would rather do than campaign with the President.

I think that there has never been a President in the history of this great country who has been wanted by every single candidate across the country to come and campaign for them.  President Obama has said plainly that he is going to go out and be helpful where he can be most helpful and spend his time doing things that are helping Democratic candidates across the country. And in the sense that he’s come to grips with that, it’s a historic fact of life.

True. Bush also became a pariah as his polls sank, and I don’t really remember the White House acknowledging that someone might not be delighted to appear with him even as Republican candidates who had so desperately wanted his company after 9/11 suddenly started giving him the finger.

As for Bill White’s contention that he loves using the phone and Obama could simply call him? Says Burton:

There are no plans to call him, no.

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3 Responses to Candor from the White House on Bill White

  1. What a come down for a Prez swept into office less than 2 years ago to have members of his own party shun his help. Instead of trying to spin the mistakes and missteps into Bush/Republican/Beck/Fox/anyone’s fault, they should figure out what went wrong and how to make it right again.
    O should call Mr Wright, tell him that he understands and that he will be available to assist in any way that he can. It’s the smart thing to do.
    O needs better advisors.