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Obama’s Weekly Address

Kind of scary, this. At a time when the only way to really tackle the deficit and save Medicare is to cut entitlement benefits, Obama is offering happy talk about we can do it by rooting out “waste” and “fraud” and how pleased he is that seniors’ benefits are not being touched.

A sure signal he is not ready to take the lead on the painful choices that must be made.

10 Responses to Obama’s Weekly Address

  1. Seniors, like me, have paid in advance for our Medicare benefits and still pay every month after we retire.
    Our SocialSecurity ‘benefits’ are the repayment of the money that was taken from us in payroll deductions for 40 years and squandered by the politicians.
    Unlike the farmers who get paid for NOT growing crops or welfare recipients who collect tax dollars and tax-payers supported medical care for NOT working, Seniors are only getting back what they paid for.
    Remember? It used to be called Old Age Insurance.

  2. Our SocialSecurity ‘benefits’ are the repayment of the money that was taken from us in payroll deductions for 40 years and squandered by the politicians.

    Yes, we may get more out than we put in–I think I put in $75K over my working life…but as a self-employed person most of those yrs, I almost cried sometimes writing that FICA check (self-employment tax, rather) and now am raked over my the younger set for being selfish and not knowing Medicare is govt and heaven knows what all. If this money had been kept instead of spent with an IOU left behind, it might be covering everything now–and they STILL don’t do that! It’s maddening. And yes, Medicare is not free–I pay $100, plus $70 for a supplement that pays who knows what (the other one went up to $155 a mo in anticipation of Obamacare–beat the rush)–plus $17 for a drug plan I don’t use on pain of a penalty. So that is almost $300–which is less than the $800 I was lucky to pay before, but still…we oldies are not plunging around in our greenbacks like Scrooge McDuck!

  3. He looks like he’s been worked over by a mortician. A week ago he was grey, haggard, and wrinkled. Now he still looks very thin but they’ve otherwise worked their magic on him. I can’t wait for the press to show the before and after pictures.

    Michelle and Sasha met royalty and MO looked like the kitchen help. MO let Sasha wear a tu tu. They both had on silver and gold shoes. I think we’re going to see more acting out from MO on her return.

    I mad my final video on the trip and it’s my best…devasting towards MO.

    Michelle Obama thinks she is not entitled to her vacations in Spain, Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard…..

  4. Star, I’d never argue with someone who has a calculator. My math is sketchy at best.
    I have seen financial estimates of what our “payout” would be if our money had been invested in traditional compounded interest bearing bonds or stock.
    Something like an average of $1.2 million after 50 years. ??
    That would be so nice.

    • I hope no one thinks our seniors are greedy. I sure don’t. And there’s no proposal that’s going to take anything away from them. The greedy ones were our public servants who decided to spend the money instead of putting it in a freakin’ Bank of America savings account or something. Now, its ALL GONE. And the only way to save the country is to rip off people like me who are not yet retired, and cut our benefits.

  5. Amen, SrDem and Keithie! Well said. My sister (also SS now) and I were just talking about how my $75K could have been millions if it had been in a lockbox..and invested in something. I don’t mean the Bush of idea of giving it to us to invest…that might have been bad.

  6. As for present recipients not being affected, Keith, I am not so sure. I guess I am just paranoid if I think the bad insurance we will all be forced to buy and the cuts in Medicare reimbursements that will cause docs not to want us will result in earlier deaths–thus making the system for solvent. Surely not.

    • Good points Star. I only mean technically the cuts for individuals will phase in later. But you are not being paranoid. I agree completely that changes in the health system and cuts to Medicare providers could affect the care current recipients get. I’m sure it will.