As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || August 9, 2010

9:05 am || Hosts Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints in the East Room
9:45 am || Departs White House
1:05 pm || Arrives Austin, Texas
2:05 pm || Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser
3:00 pm || Makes remarks on higher education and the economy
4:30 pm || Departs Austin
5:20 am || Arrives in Dallas
6:25 am || Attends fundraiser for the Senate Democratic campaign organization, the DSCC
7:35 pm || Departs Dallas
10:30 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

6 Responses to Obama Schedule || August 9, 2010

  1. Another round of speechifying on the economy should be enlightening, spellbinding too.
    The American public doesn’t seem to understand that this is the “summer of recovery” yet. No doubt, this speech will make things clear to all of us dummies so that we don’t have to listen to him flappin’ his pie hole again.

  2. What software are you using? I bought Pixelan add-ons to my WMM which really made a difference. I’ve read that Sony Vegas Premium is very good and probably will be my next step.

    With movie making it’s all about the software. You don’t need that much talent.

    • Thanks for the advice. Not sure what I used last time I did something, it’s been awhile but I will look at WMM and your add-ons.