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Obama Morning News || August 7, 2010

Michelle’s Trip Draws Criticism . . . New York Times
White House Revamps Ethics Team . . . New York Times
Obama May Ease Cuba Travel Restriction . . . Bloomberg
Romer Regrets Jobs Forecast . . . Washington Post
Romer Disputes Talk of White House Friction . . . POLITICO
Obama Considers Romer Replacements . . . Reuters
Obama Touts Weak Job Growth . . . Reuters
Kagan to be Sworn in Saturday . . . Bloomberg
Dems: We’re Bringing Bush Back . . . Washington Post
Cameron, Obama Push for Mideast Talks . . . Jerusalem Post
Obama Misses His Wheels . . . New York Daily News

3 Responses to Obama Morning News || August 7, 2010

  1. re: WashPo and “bringing Bush back”
    A political strategy that reminds voters of when we were proud to be Americans, had lots of jobs, the economy was chugging along and China was just another country is a really bad idea.
    re: NYT and the “ethics team”
    That’s a joke, right?
    re: Ms Romer
    It seems Ms Romer thought her job was to present the truth to the Prez so that he might have the information he needed to make the proper decisions but was sadly informed that honesty is not good politics. Hence, the decision to resign so that she could “spend more time with her family”.

    • I agree. I think there’s more to Romer leaving. She worked her whole life in the field and I can’t believe she not longer wants to run the economy.