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Michelle’s Glamorous Excursion Into Outer Space

Rarely in public life has there been a more successful image overhaul than that given Michelle Obama.

The team that handled her in the White House, Communications Director Camille Johnston, who is leaving, and Press Secretary Katie McCormick Lelyveld, have taken a woman who was viewed during the campaign as somewhat angry and aloof and turned her image into that of a warm and compassionate first lady.

Remember this? Seems a long time ago.

The trip to Marbella, Spain was such a bad idea for so many reasons that I can only think her public relations counselors, who have done so well so far, either were afraid to speak up or opposed the idea and were overruled.

America is suffering grievous economic pain. The country is at war. The thousands spent to coddle the first lady on this trip should have at least been spent at home. The photos of her traipsing through splendid Spanish alleyways are so unbelievably incongruous with the reality of life at home that it is hard to imagine that she has any sense of the problems here, or that she cares.

Her image will be dutifully revised in the minds of Americans.

Between this, the vacation in Bar Harbor, the constant Obama golfing, the initial ignorance of the Gulf, the upcoming trip to Martha’s Vineyard, etc., it’s clear the Obama’s are out of touch.

It might seem ironic that Michelle and Barack, people who present themselves as having emerged from the ranks of common folk to lead us, would suddenly seem so distant.

But it’s not.

Barack and Michelle have always been among the artistocracy, he in the Ivory Tower, she within Chicago’s African American elite.

What’s different now is that they have money, and they can’t wait to spend it and finally live in a style equivalent to their longstanding social status. And they’re overdoing, which is normal for people who have just come into money. It’s an old story for which the term Nouveau Riche was invented.

The problem is they’re supposed to be setting an example. They are the ones who chose to lead the country, and leaders can’t simply behave any way they please. But the Obamas want it all, right now.

9 thoughts on “Michelle’s Glamorous Excursion Into Outer Space”

  1. Well said.
    Of course I have a slightly different view.
    They were never like “us” nor were they like the millions of everyday Blacks in our country. BO, with his multi-cultural, multi-racial background, has no resonance with the Blacks who carry the racist/slavery victim banner after all these years. Both O’s were bestowed with Affirmative Action educations at the best schools in America, they are multi-millionaires, and world-wide celebrities without having sung one note or dunked one basketball.
    Theresa Heintz-Kerry can spend her own money on a $7 million boat and that’s OK. It’s not OK to claim dockage in another state to avoid paying taxes on the boat.
    Mrs O can have a lavish a vacation as her purse allows as long as she’s not using taxpayer’s money as a discount toward the final cost.
    The O’s supporters and apologists are reduced to claims of ‘racism’ and comparisons with the Bush’s terms in office.
    As for her “proud to be an American” statement, believe me, nobody has ever forgotten that.

  2. Well said as always, Sr Dem. Snooty all the way–I saw it from the beginning. I know if I as an “everyday white person” ever met the president, he would look through me. Probably through most African-Americans, too. He is just cold and snide. Or he plays that way out here in the Flyovers. I met many women like Michelle in DC in the 35 yrs I spent there. They have their girlfriends, their fancy meals, they get what they consider their due. She is truly a DC Housewife–a la that show (don’t even GET me started on that). It’s OK–we have term limits–and maybe even more limited than they plan.

  3. It was a remarkable transformation of an elitist angry, black woman who constantly tried to talk street even though she herself said she was criticized for talking white as a youth.

    MO had an inferiority complex somewhat relieved be a nose job, hair straightening, botox and a designer wardrobe.

    She talked to black kids during the campaign of demanding their seat at the table and that they were just as capable if not better than whites were. She herself was told she didn’t have the scores to get into Princeton.

    She told 60 minutes that Barack as a black man could get shot just going to the gas station. BO didn’t disagree but just sat there.

    Barack is afraid of her and would not try to tell not to go to Spain. She knows too much about who BO really is.

    Was she purposely sabotaging him ? It looks like that by choosing to be gone on his birthday.

  4. Let’s raise the heat level just a bit.
    Expected to attend a fundraiser at the resort tonight, Mrs O will be mingling with Adan Khashaggi (Saudi arms dealer), Sir Mark Thatcher(banned from the US for political reasons), spiritual guru Deepak Chopra and a host of international stars.

  5. I came across your blog by typing in Obama’s schedule. We were on vacation for three days in DC and it was our first time.

    I am 47 years old, (tough to look at in print) and never been to Washington DC.

    I have been reading your blog everyday, I like the sattire and more than that, I want to stay on board and really get the feel what is going on versus the main street media.

    As far as the DC trip, it has been a mind blower, I am a very upset middle class american that is totally confused to what I am supposed to believe in?

    We went to Arlington Cemetery, National Archives, Ford Theatre, National Mall and all the memorials. I have never been more conflicted,yet inspired.

    We took our 17 and 18 year old with their Grandparents (First timers as well) and I could only say I wish I was 18 again!

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