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Obama to Meet With The Saints Monday

Obama will hosts the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints Monday at the White House. Here’s the announcement.

On Monday, August 9, President Obama will welcome the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints to the White House to honor their 2009 season.  The Saints will hold a Let’s Move! -PLAY 60 football clinic with DC area children prior to the event with the President.  After the event, all Saints players and staff will visit troops and their families at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

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2 Responses to Obama to Meet With The Saints Monday

  1. That’s really nice of the football guys to throw the ball around with some DC kids. Visiting Walter Reed and visiting with our injured soldiers is great.
    They should take BO with them to Walter Reed. Without the photo ops.
    To each team comes a season, except for the Bears. Cincy, too.
    The Phoenix Cardinals will be lucky to hit 500 with Leinhart, our latest answer to ‘whatever happened to Jake the Flake’. Steelers are going to miss Big Ben big time. Buffalo, SanFran and Dallas look good. Farve?, one more year.