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A New Demagogic Low for Obama

President Obama consistently confuses principled opposition to his policies with “politics as usual” and “the ways of Washington.” Sure, there’s politics in Washington. But Obama, uniquely even for a poltician, sees his opponents as having impure motives.

Here’s the latest whopper. If you opposed the bailout of the auto industry, then you are essentially un-American. That is, you “lack faith in the American people.”

Here’s what he said yesterday at the Ford auto plant in Detroit.

And to all those naysayers in Washington, what we call the “just say no” crowd — (laughter) — who said that investing in you would guarantee failure; who said we should just walk away from this industry; who said that standing by America’s automakers was “the worst investment you could make”; who tried to block us at every turn — I wish they were standing here today and saw what I see.  (Applause.)  I wish they could see the pride you take in building these great cars, American-made cars.  (Applause.)

And my message to them is this:  Don’t bet against the American worker.  Don’t lose faith in the American people.  Don’t lose faith in American industry.  We are coming back.

No one who opposed the auto bailout did so because they lack faith in the American worker. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. Unless Ahmadinejad happened to oppose it. There is not a shred of truth to what Obama is saying. Those who opposed it did so out of concern it would make matters in the country worse by letting large companies know that they could make bad decisions and have the government take care of it. And they did so out of concern about the deficit, which is not something Obama has bothered himself with so far.

And they did so even though they knew they would be attacked by others seeking to score political points and advance themselves.

Here’s the definition of Demagogue from the the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

1. a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power

And what’s more, the companies would not have disappeared. They would have been forced to revamp. Jobs would have been lost, pay would have declined, the unions might have been screwed. But the argument was that the industry might have emerged stronger and in better long term shape to hire AMERICAN WORKERS.

Obama likes to talk about civil discourse. Suggesting the “just say no crowd” – that is, Republicans – are essentially un-American is as low and uncivil as it gets.

10 Responses to A New Demagogic Low for Obama

  1. You’re so right. His legacy will be an ugly chapter in American politics.
    His insults, ridicule and outright lies about anyone who gets in his way has made him an unlikeable President and his polls show that.
    He needs better advisors.

  2. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. He said the same words at the GM plant which incidently wants the government to sell its interest so they can be independent. I can’t remember when I haven’t called him a demagogue.

    Yet people see his glad-handing, laughing, hugging persona and think that’s who he is. He’s actually mean and imperious. I have a collection of photos called “leader of the Pack” where he never walks with anyone but several steps ahead of everyone else. Bizarre

  3. If you’re referring to the FatKidsBehinds legislation, I found out this morning that they’re planning on financing this patronage payback by cutting the funding for the Federal Food Stamp program that millions of families depend on for food.
    What a press release that would be..We slashed the Food Stamp program to make sure your kids don’t have fat behinds!!. Lots of irony here.

  4. lots of info on the bill that MO & SEIU promoted, archived;

    or you could google…..let’s move, seiu
    warning: it will set your teeth on edge at the duplicity.

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