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White House Economic Adviser Romer Leaving

White House Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Christina Romer announced tonight that she is leaving. Here is the statement from the White House. With the departure of OMB Director Peter Orszag just days ago, Romer, who is slated to leave Sept. 3, becomes the second top Obama economic adviser to get out this summer.

Romer managed to look happy about everything on TV and make you feel good about the staggering economy, so the Obama people . . . put her on TV.

The White House says she is leaving because of her “long stated her desire to return to California, where her son will be starting high school in the fall.”

But I’ll tell you the real reason. Tomorrow morning.

5 thoughts on “White House Economic Adviser Romer Leaving”

  1. Larry Summers next?
    You can call me Janice. I actually don’t like Granny Jan. I just used that name so people would go easy on me.

  2. Granny Jan–just so you know, acting “old” is a bad idea–we are headed for a closeup of the undercarriage of the bus. As for Romer, maybe she can schedule an emergency session with Rachel Zoe…stylist time. Also I didn’t love her constant, “There, there, poor people, we are on the job” routine. Go back to teaching, where I believe (am I wrong?) that tax cuts for job creators was favored…

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