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Video: Michelle Obama on Vacation in Spain

Wow. The full Euro-paparazzi treatment and everything. Is this good for the Hope and Change stuff?

Thanks to reader Granny Jan, who blogs at Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty, for alerting me to this.

6 Responses to Video: Michelle Obama on Vacation in Spain

  1. She goes to a lavish resort only to walk to an ice cream store surrounded by dozens of alert Secret Service agents and the Spanish military.
    Look at me! look at me!

  2. That better be a no-fat ice cream cone.

    Seriously this vid made me sick. Even real celebs like Halle Berry don’t show off like this. What a joke she is.

  3. Moment in the sun, people. It is pretty gauche, though. No class. I guess she has to go overseas to get the cheers. Honestly, I think this family believes it somehow deserves all this. They are supposed to be governing. Quaint concept, I know. Maybe they will get around to it.