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Obama Morning News || August 5, 2010

California Ruling Puts Obama on the Spot . . . POLITICO
Missouri Repudiates Health Law . . . Washington Times
Obama Courts Rich Donors Behind Closed Doors . . . POLITICO
Republicans Detail Stimulus Waste . . . Reuters
Obama’s Midterm Campaign . . . Time
White House: Most of Oil Spill Gone . . . Christian Science Monitor
Obama to Raise Money, Tout Ford Today . . . Chicago Tribune
Obama’s Birthday Dinner With Oprah . . . New York Daily News
Forty One Percent of GOP Say Obama Foreign Born . . . POLITICO

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One Response to Obama Morning News || August 5, 2010

  1. Gay marriage is now legal in California. Hm.
    As self-nominated speaker for the other 49 states, we are not surprised.
    We are surprised that the Court only addressed the ‘who’ you marry and not the ‘how many’ at one time. The same logic would apply.
    The Dems and Reps can relax, Americans have tuned them out already and their minds are made up as to how they will vote in November. The only ‘wild card’ left for the Dems is the bailout of under-water mortgagees.
    Off topic: billionaires pledge half of their fortune to charity.
    Perhaps they might send me back the money I paid for the products that made them rich and were obsolete the minute I walked out the door.
    The unofficial public response: a one-finger salute.