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Michellecare Passes the Senate

Acting by “unanimous consent” – i.e. without voting on it – the Senate today approved legislation adding $4.5 billion to child nutrition programs over ten years.

The legislation was ardently backed by the first lady and makes sweeping changes in existing programs, bolstering the safety and nutritional value of school lunches, for one.

Children who refuse will now be force-fed salads and wheat germ.

Michelle released a statement expressing her excitement:

I am thrilled that Congress has taken a major step forward today in passing the Child Nutrition bill – a groundbreaking piece of legislation that will help us provide healthier school meals to children across America and will play an integral role in our efforts to combat childhood obesity.

What, I wonder, defines a healthy meal? Low fat and healthy foods are more available then ever, and kids – have you looked lately – are fatter than ever.

Hell, I’m fatter than ever.

The House still has to pass its version, and presumably will.

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2 Responses to Michellecare Passes the Senate

  1. This bill has SEIU’s fingerprints all over it and has little to do with fat kids behinds and more to do with extending the hours and wages of union members. No one could be dumb enough to think that children will eat steamed broccoli over a cheeseburger and that taking comfort food off of breakfast, lunch and soon, dinner menu’s in our schools will suddenly make all of our children fit and sleek. Yes, the SEIU hairnet ladies already serve breakfast in school and some inner-city schools feed the children dinner before they go to what is called their home. Otherwise, the children wouldn’t have anything to eat. Does this sound like we’re worried about their darling fat behinds?
    This bill also adresses what MO called “food deserts” describing them as areas where food markets are more than a mile from someone’s home. Some of this money will go to subsidize and prop up a supermarket that’s willing to go into some of the worst inner-city areas.
    Oh, yeah, it’s all about the fat kids behinds or more lies.