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Geithner, Foaming at the Mouth, Blames Bush

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Wednesday become so worked up blaming Bush for the federal deficit and the current state of the economy that he began foaming uncontrollably at the mouth.

Speaking in Washington to the liberal Center for American Progress and the conservative American Action Forum, Geithner rhapsodized about the Clinton-era budget surpluses of the late 1990’s and charged Bush policies had caused the deficit to escalate and incomes to stagnate.

Geithner is seen reading and mumbling to himself after his remarks while a concerned aide looks on

“We are living today with the damage that misguided policy caused,” he said. “Rather than recreating a false prosperity fueled by debt and passing the bills on to the next generation, we need to restore America to a pro-growth tax and fiscal policy.”

Geithner insisted that taxes for the rich will be raised. Then with his mouth continuing to foam uncontrollably, he added, “so will everyone else’s.” Then, he added, “Did I just say that?”

When asked why if he was so concerned about the deficit Obama has just added $1 trillion in health spending, failed to make a serious effort to rein in entitlements, and allowed discretionary spending to continue to increase, he replied, “Fuck if I know.”

Geithner tried to use his handkerchief to wipe the foam from his mouth, but it kept reappearing. Finally, when foam started coming out of his ears, he apologized to the audience and was forced to depart the podium.

A view of the bathroom Geithner used after rushing from the podium

Aides at first tried to claim that Geithner had merely been sipping from a Venti extra-foam caramel macchiato, but when reporters found only a glass of water at the lectern, Treasury officials conceded that Geithner “got a little too excited” during his remarks.

“I think that when you look at the economy that Bush continues to destroy, when you think about all the evil he has done and how mean he was, when you really think about it, it’s hard not to start foaming at the mouth,” said one Treasury spokesman.

Commenting to White House Dossier Wednesday night, Vice President Biden said Bush should have gone to war with al Qaeda using horse driven chariots, catapults, and longbows.

“We missed the chance to save billions of dollars,” he complained.

Asked this morning for comment, President Barack Obama responded by email, saying that not only had Bush policies saddled him with problems he won’t be able to solve until after he is reelected, but that Michelle had noted that the former president left the toilet seat up before departing on Inauguration Day.

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  1. Thanks, I could use some funny time today.
    I do understand his concern with the Dems out-of-control spending that Bush is directing from his ranch in Texas. However, Geithner needs to understand that the money saved from not renting any chairs for this conference isn’t really going to help much. People sitting on the floor tend to get restless and don’t respond well to the message.