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A Look at Obama’s Departure to Chicago

The president, bereft of family, left the White House this afternoon with Chi-Town native Rahm Emanuel and pal Valerie Jarrett and headed back to his hometown to celebrate what’s left of his birthday.

We waited on the South side of the White House for Obama to board his chopper, which would take him to Andrews Air Force Base where Air Force One is stationed.

Here’s a nice view of the Rose Garden from the edge of the South Lawn. Colonnade is on the right and windows the the Cabinet Room just left of center.

A Marine guard waits for the president to show.

Some eager guest are hoping for a glimpse of the prez.

And so are some eager reporters. Chip Reid of CBS is to the right and famed Twitterer Mark Knoller of CBS radio is in the white shirt with back to the camera on the left. The Oval Office is left of center behind and to the left of those trees.

A peak from a distance into the Oval Office. Who could that be over to the right with his back to the camera?

And they’re off – Jarrett, Obama, and Rahm are on the path from the Oval to the South Lawn.

Ah yes, a beautiful day to be president! Can one of you strong guys get Valerie’s bag please? And have the Marine guard check it too, looks like she stole a painting from the Blue Room.

Is the man on the right saluting or trying to keep the sun out of his eyes?

And it’s lift off

Around the monument and east toward Andrews.

All photos by Keith Koffler

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  1. A lot of himan effort expended to get a guy off a lawn–including this post. By the way, is this birthday a Summer Festival or is it over soon?