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Obama Addresses AFL-CIO Leaders

The president scooted out of the White House today to preach to the converted over at an AFL-CIO leadership event in Washington. I won’t bore you with the details, which amounted to “we have to help workers” and other things, you know, you might expect when a Democratic president addresses the AFL-CIO. But there was one bit of misinformation from the president that got an eager round of applause.

We are going to keep on fighting to pass the Employee Free Choice Act.

Well, he won’t keep on fighting for it, because he never was fighting for it.

The EFCA, also known as “card check,” is considered the Holy Grail by the unions and the Grim Reaper by Big Business. It would essentially make it easier to unionize by ending secret ballots for unionization votes. Or, more accurately, considering the size of some of those union boys, less easy not to unionize without having to see an orthopaedic surgeon.

The problem is that this bill never had much of a chance to get through the Senate, with its 60 vote threshold required to overcome procedural hurdles. And Obama decided to spend his political capital elsewhere, like on health care and the stimulus.

And come November, with Republicans repopulating themselves on Capitol Hill, there will be no chance for card check. So, hold the applause.

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  1. The President is preaching to the choir because most of the congregation has left the church. Union members are not knuckle-dragging mopes who can’t see what’s really going on in Washington; their money bought a President that promised milk and honey but can’t deliver and made their union contracts responsible for the depression that we’re all in now. The card check legislation that the union bosses want will not save their jobs.

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