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Latest Piece by Koffler in POLITICO

Why Obama birthday parties are a REALLY BAD IDEA. You can find it here. Hope you enjoy.

9 thoughts on “Latest Piece by Koffler in POLITICO”

  1. You’re a “hater” of Obama!!! He’s the “one”!!! Trolls, Obots and the true believers in his godlike power to make things better are surfing the net looking to make you feel bad. They believe that he could calm the angry seas if only the “haters”, “racists” and “neocons” would do what he wants done.
    HuffPo, in the Style section, always has a piece about Michelle and her fashion icon title. All it takes is a commenter to suggest that the dress she’s wearing is too tight for the Obots to pounce and attack with some of the most viscious personal slurs. The Obots pronounce their “love, idolize her for her role model status, her hard work for the people and making the White House available for all people” and disparage former First Ladies. It’s pathetic and scary.
    Your article is thoughtful ,well written and states your opinion clearly.
    But when your opinion is different from the Obots they will go beserk with their attacks. It’s hard to ignore them.

  2. It’s hard to ignore them, so snarking back is better–and more fun. This morning I lamented Newsweek’s demise (dead mag walking) when they went nuts over this junior senator and said he was the second coming. Someone said–you LIKED Newsweek? I said sure, I liked the behind thre scenes stories, the long ones, the new products and trends, the book and movie reviews. The response? None.

  3. It was very well-done and no one else has said it about this birthday.

    BO will never tone down the culty stuff. He needs it to boost himself up psychologically. Michael Gerson’s op-ed today on Obama’s coolness was wrong on so many levels. He obviously has never seen any of my touching videos or really studied Obama at all…but I digress.
    I remember a story about the street artist from Chicago, Ray Noland, who told about meeting Obama during the campaign.
    Noland is the one who did all the messiah-like pictures of Obama which you see everywhere. I thought Obama would tell Ray to tone his work done…that he wasn’t a messiah. I thought he would feel embarassed like 99% of us would. But the opposite occured. Obama isn’t like us.

    1. Thanks Granny Jan. Charisma is fine in this country. JFK had it, Reagan had it. Cult of personality is not. We don’t do that here, and for good reason.
      This Michael Gerson, who is he . . . hmmm . . . oh yes, I think he was a speechwriter for Jimmy Carter.

  4. Keith, you’re right. In Clinton’s 8 and W’s 8, I don’t remember one mention of anyone’s birthday. And besides, do Muslims celebrate birthdays? Or is that Jehovah’s Witnesses?

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