In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Obama Schedule || August 5, 2010

10:55 am || Tours Ford Auto Plant; Chicago 11:15 am || Delivers remarks at plant 1:45 pm || Remarks for Illinois Senate candidate Giannoulias 6:15 pm || Remarks at DNC finance event 7:00 pm || Attends a second DNC fundraiser 8:50 pm || Departs Chicago for Washington 10:40 pm || Arrives in Washington All times Eastern

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A Look at Obama’s Departure to Chicago

The president, bereft of family, left the White House this afternoon with Chi-Town native Rahm Emanuel and pal Valerie Jarrett and headed back to his hometown to celebrate what’s left of his birthday. We waited on the South side of the White House for Obama to board his chopper, which would take him to Andrews Air Force Base where Air Force One is stationed. Here’s

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Obama Addresses AFL-CIO Leaders

The president scooted out of the White House today to preach to the converted over at an AFL-CIO leadership event in Washington. I won’t bore you with the details, which amounted to “we have to help workers” and other things, you know, you might expect when a Democratic president addresses the AFL-CIO. But there was one bit of misinformation from the president that got an

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White House Takes Little Credit for Ending Spill

Well, it looks like BP has finally stopped the leak in the Gulf, and the White House did a fairly restrained victory dance today to celebrate the news. Here’s Obama at a meeting of AFL-CIO leaders. It was very welcome news when we learned overnight that efforts to stop the well through what’s called a static kill appear to be working, and that a report

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Did Gibbs Back the Ground Zero Mosque?

I’m not sure. Why don’t you be the judge. Here’s the exchange from yesterday’s briefing. Q    There’s a debate that’s taking place in New York City whether or not it’s appropriate to build a mosque, an Islamic cultural center, near the site of Ground Zero.  What is the administration’s position on this? MR. GIBBS:  Suzanne, I’ve been asked about this a couple times.  I think

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Obama Morning News || August 4, 2010

Iraqis Unsure of Obama ‘Peace’ .  . . New York Times Support Wanes for Obama on Wars . . . USA Today Zardari: Taliban Winning the War . . . Washington Times Vote Nears on Kagan . . . New York Times Lew Misrepresented Citi Departure . . . Washington Times Summer of No Love for Obama . . . POLITICO START Treaty Snag in

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