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White House Welcomes Fox to the Front Row

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs confounded expectations by cheerily welcomed Fox News to its new perch in the front row of the briefing room while dissing one of his putatively more liberal competitors.

“Wendell, welcome to the front row,” Gibbs chirped to Wendell Goler.

Gibbs later smacked down Ari Shapiro, the reporter for National Public Radio, which was a contestant in Front Row Seat Beauty Pageant.

I — I — it’s hard to imagine an issue in which two things have been conflated more than your question in the past 18 months of me taking questions here. I think the notion that somehow anybody in this country confuses traveling overseas and — and the — the role that Anwar al-Awlaki has in inciting violence, I — I — they’re not even in the same ballpark.

Shapiro had asked, “Should Americans worry that if they go overseas, their own government could target them to be killed?”

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One Response to White House Welcomes Fox to the Front Row

  1. Mr O’s meeting and comments to young Africans who want to know what a fellow African will do for them was ignored by 349,995,000 American citizens who had better things to do. The confab was watched closely by 5,000 members of the fawning press and those who enjoy White House patronage jobs.
    As for Mr Gibbs, he must have been chosen for that job because of his ability to talk endlessly without making a complete or coherant sentence. It’s a gift.