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Obama Morning News || August 2, 2010

EPA Climate Regs in Hot Water . . . POLITICO
GOP May Starve Health Law of Money . . . POLITICO
Obama to Herald End of Iraq Combat . . . POLITICO
Gates Cites Peril in Afghan Wikileaks . . . New York Times
Gates, Pelosi Split on Afghan Pullout . . . POLITICO
Obama’s Modest Goal for Afghan War . . . Washington Times
Pawlenty Tests His Voice in Iowa . . . New York Times
Palin: Obama Lacks ‘Cojones’ on Immigration . . . Washington Post
Dems Still Taking Aim at Bush . . . POLITICO
Hurdles to Obama Export Pledge . . . New York Times
Fox News in Briefing Room Front Row . . . The Upshot
Raising Healthy Kids, by Michelle Obama . . . Washington Post

One Response to Obama Morning News || August 2, 2010

  1. Uh oh, MO steps into the arena urging Congress to pass ‘her’ bill to combat “fat kid’s behinds” means that Laura is sharpening her talons, ready to swoop down on the First Lady’s attempts to influence legislation.
    Two years later, a Dem President, a Dem majority in the House and Senate and they’re still blaming Bush for, well, everything. Pathetic whiners, all.