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Obama Attends a WNBA Game

Obama, daughter Sasha and a lucky friend of the hers went to see some women’s basketball at the Verizon Center in Washington this afternoon.

It’s kind of an intimate little affair with the small crowd offering an enthusiastic greeting to the trio.

Obama was spotted pointing things out to Sasha and generally having a fine father-daughter afternoon.

First time a prez ever took in a WNBA game. Also Obama’s third trip to the arena for basketball.

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6 Responses to Obama Attends a WNBA Game

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the BB photos, GrannyJan.
    That poor little girl still looks so sad, even sitting next to Daddy.
    BO looks positively anorexic. What the heck is going on there.

  2. “First time a prez ever took in a WNBA game.”

    Wow. Obama is SO achingly HISTORIC. What next? He’s just gonna be ALL OVER the history books with all these firsts!