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Obama’s Weekly Address

In which the president celebrates autos and poops on Republicans, again.

6 thoughts on “Obama’s Weekly Address”

  1. Imagine if your boss complained all the time that major segments of his company won’t do what he wants done. That’s what the voters hear from BO every time he speaks.
    Forgive me for this;
    The MSM is composed of and led by partisan, namby-pambys who have and continue to ignore the lies and propaganda put out by this WH.
    Not one of the MSM has ever questioned the Prez about the Democratic majority in both houses who fail to pass the bills he blames on the Republicans. The MSM delights in pointing out bon-mots of Republicans, misspelling of a word by Palin, blaming FOX and it’s on-air people for racist rants, the tea party supporters for all things bad, but ignores the thuggery and intimidation of the SEIU, the DOJ’s corruption by the WH.
    Not a word about MO’s speech to the NAACP urging them to up the intensity of their mission. They take the side of the illegal aliens to appease the political payback from the WH to John McCain’s Arizona (the DOJ didn’t sue other states with similar laws).
    The modern Press has become an adunct to the Democrat party and has lost it’s credibility.

  2. There are people in the WH press corps who do a decent job, Fox and Jake Tapper for instance. The problem is BO doesn’t have press conferences and when he does it’s tightly controlled with no follow ups. Gibbsy is useless and should be boycotted. With the WH rewarding those they like and punishing those they don’t, we have far from a free press in this country.

  3. As someone who until January was part of the MSM, I’ll say that I’m probably not quite as hard on them as both of you, but in general I agree. The press is biased, and they bought themselves Fox News and the conservative blogosphere by being so.

    It comes out mainly, as srdem65 suggests, in story choice. Take one example that I’ve been thinking of recently. Where are all the stories on Obama’s Chicago relationships, particularly with Tony Rezko? Where is the exposé of his and his staffers’ relationships with Blagojevich and other unseemly Chicago characters? If this was a Republican president, there would have been teams of reporters setting up shop on a semi-permanent basis to ferret this stuff out. The motivation and excitement would have been there to do it.

  4. The WH is also trying to establish a meme that the president is funny, Even scripted–not funny. Just doesn’t have that funny thing in him. Now, Joel McHale on THE SOUP–he’s funny. The other nite, he had the clip of the pres on The View saying, “Who’s Snooki?” McHale said, “If you were from this country, you’d know.” Now that’s bringing the funny.

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